NCPA presents Amar Akbar Akoori on Sunday 14th May, 2017

6214_1NCPA’s upcoming presentation in Theatre – Amar Akbar Akoori on Sunday 14th May, 2017.

Amar Akbar Akoori is a hilarious Gujarati play meant not just for the Parsi community, but to be enjoyed by anyone who speaks Gujarati. The story revolves around three boys – a Gujarati, a Bohri Muslim and a Parsi who are a paying guests at an old Parsi lady’s house. The problem is that the landlord doesn’t permit non-Parsis in the building, and the three paying guests have no money. The comedy ensues as all the three boys try to portray themselves as Parsis and how they come together despite their differences in culture, language, customs and domestic habits.

The cast has Danesh Khambata playing the Gujarati (Director of Gandhi the Musical), Sajeel Parakh playing the Muslim and Danesh Irani playing the Parsee. Pheroza Mody, who has been a veteran of the stage for over three decades, plays the widowed lady. Thea Shroff and Ayesha Mehta play the land lady and daughter respectively and Parinaz Jal and Zahan Mehta are the surprises to look out for in the second half of the play.

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