Navroze Contractor’s new masterpiece: The dying culture of ‘kushti’ in akhadas

navroze-contractors-new-masterpiece-the-dying-culture-of-kushti-in-akhadasNavroze Contractor now records the tradition of kushti and akhadas.

Navroze Contractor wishes there are more than 24 hours in a day . The veteran cinematographer, known for his work in national award-winning films like Mani Kaul’s Duvidha, Nachiket Patwardhan’s Limited Manuski and documentaries like Martha Stewart’s Are You Listening?, Pierre Hoffmann’s Dreams Of The Dragon’s Children and Deepa Dhanraj’s What Has Happened To This City? -finds time for his work in between his other two passions: teaching and writing.

His last photo exhibition on jazz musicians was way back in 2008. He has surfaced again, this time with chronicles on the dying culture of kushti in akhadas.

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