Zoroastrian MP: Persian could be the world’s scientific language

IBNA- The representative of the Iranian Zoroastrians in the Parliament (Majlis) Esfandiar Ekhtiari (PhD) said that Persian could be the scientific language of the world as it was in the past times.

According to IBNA correspondent quoting from the public relations office of the Sa’di Foundation, Esfandiar Ekhtiari said: “I believe the Persian can not only be a general but a scientific language in the world, as it played such a role in the past times, but due to negligence, this aspect of Persian language has paled.”

“several years ago by participated in the Persian language chairs of the foreign universities but unfortunately these chairs gradually lost their importance in the course of time. For example in many countries of the former Soviet union of which are Persian language and we have up such language courses and the Sa’di Foundation would be able to reestablish them,” he added.

Regarding our firm political ties with Russia, we can take more concrete steps to promote Persian language in Russia and the countries of the former Soviet union,” Zoroastrian MP said.

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