Let the Truth Speak for Itself : Hormuz D. Mehta

When I got married earlier this year, I gave a commitment to my wife that I would not embroil myself in BPP politics, especially after seeing my father toil away 21 years of his life only to get falsely maligned by a handful of vindictive individuals.

image2On 8 September, I was present at the 38th Magistrate Court at Bellard Pier for the Dadi House case that has been filed by Khojeste Mistree filed against my father. I was there in the capacity of a practicing advocate of the Bombay High Court fully aware of the effect a dispute of this kind can have to my legal career. Khojeste was present with another 10 people including Kersi Randeria and Anahita Desai. During the arguments in this matter, the advocate of Khojeste Mistree argued that further investigation in the Dadi House transaction should take place whilst the advocate for my father said that Dinshaw Mehta should be heard in the matter since a comprehensive investigation had already been conducted by the MRA Police Station. The Learned Judge advised the advocate for my father to prepare an application in writing by 5 pm as to why Dinshaw Mehta should be heard.

image5After the hearing, my father and I were leaving the court room when Kersi Randeria addressed him saying “Eh chor return the trust money”. I immediately retorted “At least my father is respected by his own wife and has good family values”. Kersi was livid with my statement and came up front to me and demanded I repeat the statement. I told him I have no interest in communicating with someone with no family values. Kersi immediately invited me to step outside the court so that he could put me straight. I informed him that as an officer of the court, I had no interest in talking with him. As I turned to walk away, Kersi shoved me from behind. Upon being shoved I turned and asked Kersi not to touch me. In response he grabbed the side of my neck and threw me to the floor. I landed harshly on a brick ledge and felt another hard impact on my neck (probably when I was kicked). Sometime in 2005 I had fractured my C4 and C5 vertebrae which make me very sensitive to any neck injury. After being shoved, I felt a surge of pain and lost consciousness.


I was revived when a few lawyers splashed water on my face. When I came to, I could hear my father loudly screaming my name. A police officer urged my father to take me to a hospital. A lawyer and my father rushed me to St. George’s Hospital for urgent treatment. Upon admission, I had a tingling sensation in my left arm, no mobility in my neck, bruises to my ribs and a stinging cut on my right palm. I was injected with multiple pain killers and sent to take several x-rays, a CT Scan, a blood test, sonography and an MRI. At 5am all tests (except the MRI) were complete and the doctor at St. George requested I stay the night at the hospital for observation. I was discharged at 11am. This can be verified by the doctor report from St. George Hospital.

image3The WhatsApp messages and news articles that I am reading now are almost comical in their claims. Kersi seems to have concocted a story to cover up for him upon realizing the severity the physical damage he caused me. I am told that while I was lying unconscious, a group of people came to drag Kersi away and perhaps this is how he hurt his eye. As my family was clamoring to get the right medical care for me in the two government hospitals we visited, Kersi was sitting in the waiting room, strategizing with his entourage of news reporters and political supporters. I look forward to this sensationalized version of events being clarified through cctv footage, police reports, witnesses and officers of the court.

Request you to forward this to all community members so that the truth comes out and this unnecessary slander towards my family ends.

Hormuz D. Mehta