FEZANA Stands in Solidarity Against the Terrorist Attack in Orlando Florida

The Federation of Zoroastrian Associations of North America (FEZANA) joins in the revulsion at the horrific act of hate and terror directed at innocent individuals at an Orlando nightclub. There can be no justification for such heinous acts and such callous disregard for human life. We mourn the loss of these innocent lives, we pray for those who were wounded, and we stand in solidarity with the Orlando community and with the families of the victims in their time of unbearable anguish.

Unfortunately, this outrage is but the latest of numerous such mass shootings in the United States in recent years. It is random mayhem on a scale not seen in any other advanced nation and ought to force some national introspection about how to stanch this bleeding. Restricting the proliferating weaponry that enables such mass-scale violence should not be taboo. No other civilized society permits such easy availability of weapons of mass human destruction.

Schools, university campuses, government offices, movie theaters, a clinic, a church, and a Gurdwara, all have been the targets of this mindless violence. It is no consolation to the victims that some of these acts — including apparently this one — are inspired by some warped foreign ideology. All such mass attacks — whether by some senseless acolyte of ISIS or a hate-filled racist — are acts of terror. We implore our political leaders to finally set aside the bromides they typically come up with following each such incident and take the one practical step that can assuredly reduce, if not end, this carnage: Make it difficult for the bad guys to acquire the means to carry out their nefarious plans.

As Zoroastrians, we practice an ancient faith founded on principles of righteousness, beneficence, and mutual respect. As a community and as individuals, our voices are always raised against nihilism and injustice.

Homi Gandhi,



Published on FREZANA