Marketing isn’t for the faint hearted says Marriott’s Khushnooma Kapadia

It wasn’t easy trading her stellar grades in finance for a role in communications. Khushnooma Kapadia’s passion for marketing and media led her to abruptly switch (all for good reason as she would later discover) from an outperforming job at Arthur Anderson to a career in hospitality. As the marketing head of Marriott India, her journey has been rewarding and complete with surprises at every bend.

When she interviewed for the job at Marriott, she was four months pregnant and nearly certain she wouldn’t get it. Witty and focussed, Khushnooma holds to her credit the successful launch and running of 20 out of 23 Marriot Hotels across India.

She speaks with Divya Mody about being career woman, the challenges she faced and the choices that shaped who she is today.

Published on She The People