Has Arnavaz Mistry been banned from the Parsi General Hospital?

Questions Rashna Ryan from the USA

Dear Editor,

Recently a public notice was issued by the Sir Jamsetee Jejeebhoy Charity Fund stating

‘the Fund is distressed to learn that certain unknown persons are collecting funds from susceptible Applicants and/or their relatives by assuring them of getting their patient and looked after in the Parsi Ward’.

I have now been given to believe that Arnavaz Mistry has been banned from meeting any elderly patient alone at the Parsi General Hospital.

It is rumored that the The Parsi General Hospital management has ordered Arnavaz Mistry that should she wish to visit any elderly patient in any ward of the Parsi General Hospital she would first need to take prior permission and go along with a member of the hospital staff to meet the patient.

The above presumably stems from recent reports that many elders in our community are being easy targets in cases of land and asset grabbing and transferring them to family Trusts (whose names are similar to renown and/or recognized Trusts).

I have been told that one such trust has a similar name to that of Sir Jamsetee Jejeebhoy Charity Fund. This trust is being used to mislead elders believing they are offering donations to Sir Jamsetee Jejeebhoy Charity Fund, which is not the case.
I request your good selves to look into this matter and inform me if the same is true. I am currently in Houston and am eager to meet with your team to congratulate them on this great initiative to keep us all Zoroastrians informed on the day to day affairs of our community.

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