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Eric Dhatigara reveals shocking facts!!

Dear Community Member,
BPP CEO Mr. Cawas Panthaki and Election President Mr. Mahiyar Dastoor have issued a Public Notice in Parsi Times of 26-03-16 and Jame Jamshed of 27-03-16 announcing the names of 5 candidates contesting the 10th April 2016 elections.
It is deliberately and with malafide intentions mentioned therein that I and another candidate have not signed the Voluntary Code of Conduct to prejudice the voters against our candidacy. This is uncalled for and is tantamount to unfair electoral practice as there is no such provision of any Code of Conduct in the Election Scheme sanctioned by the High Court. Their very notice says it is voluntary and if I do not sign any voluntary code how is it news worthy to be cited in a Public Notice for information of voters.
When I called up Mahiyar Dastoor on his telephone number 98211 63676 to inquire as to what action he had taken during the October 2015 election for various reported breaches of the Code of Conduct, he very candidly admitted that it was purely Voluntary and he was thus a toothless tiger who could do nothing even if the code was violated. Under the circumstances I refused to sign such a bogus voluntary code of conduct if the breaches thereof could not be penalized.
Thus my signing or not signing such an unenforceable Code of Conduct would be a mere eyewash to fool the community and I preferred to not sign such a bogus Code of Conduct.
In fact Arnavaz Mistry has all along been in breach of the Code of Conduct that she has actually signed and yet no punitive action can be taken against her as the Election President is a toothless tiger.
She along with her daughter Yasmin Maqsood Shaikh are business partners with Kersi Randeria, the biggest Reformist on the Board today, which has not been disclosed to the community. Why was this Gher – Gher no Ghambhar not disclosed to the community. Is there a hidden agenda behind it? He is also the owner of Parsi Times which very subtly has been carrying on a propaganda against all those opposed to him and at the same time supports those he favours. Thus Parsi Times has been continuously propping up Arnavaz for the forthcoming election and running down the Tirandaz family who is well known for their absolute integrity and spotless honesty. Shame on Parsi Times for their insult to one of the greatest Irani/Parsi family of Dadar Parsi Colony.
Arnavaz and her daughter are Trustees and Committee members of ZTFI which is sponsored and financed again by Kersi Randeria. Last Saturday Arnavaz and her daughter Yasmin Maqsood Shaikh were distributing cash and food packets from her ZTFI office at Grant Road to the poor with exhortation to vote for her only. She called them again on 02-04-2016 at 3 PM and distributed further doles of Rs. 500/ to them on eve of elections which would be tantamount to bribes to secure their votes, against the very Code of Conduct she has signed.
During Navroze celebration, Arnavaz’s ZTFI gave an election donation of Rs. 2 lakhs to Bharucha Baug Association through Yazdi Bhagwager, another henchman of Kersi Randeria, a joint member on the Parsi lying in Hospital Managing Committee, but a person unknown to Bharucha Baug residents.
It seems that there is no Code of Conduct for sitting Trustees, Randeria & Yazdi Desai, Chairman, who are openly campaigning for Arnavaz Mistry in spite of the Election President’s directions in the October 2015 elections that Trustees should be neutral and stay away from such campaigning for any candidate, for or against. So much for Code of Conduct in case of Trustees and their candidate nominees. I must admit that Dadrawala has stayed out of electioneering but may be that was probably because he was aware of the deeds of Arnavaz Mistry. Perhaps the motive of Kersi Randeria is to get rubber stamp elected so that then he has his majority on the Board to push ahead any Religious reforms he wants. There have been several questions and issues raised in the past about work of Mrs. Arnavaz Jal Mistry as a self proclaimed social worker whether selfless or with an alleged motivated agenda of her own. The residents of Parekh Dharamshalla are disillusioned with her for her disallowing other Trusts from giving monthly doles to the residents. Some time back, she had even received a legal notice from an Advocate representing one of the inmates of Parekh Dharamshalla for continuously inquiring about his clients assets and wealth and persuades them to leave their wealth in her favor. The residents complain that she insists on inquiring about the assets of all the inmates and opens their cupboards to view its contents and threatens and intimidates the residents of Parekh Dharamshala of throwing them out if they dare to disobey her. They had prepared a dossier against her for publishing in Jame-Jamshed which was being circulated for the resident’s signature but Kersi Randeria on learning of this visited Parekh Dharamshala on 19-2-2016 and allegedly threatened the residents of dishousing them if they did not withdraw their signatures.
I am informed confidentially through members of Managing Committee of Parsi General Hospital that Parsi General Hospital Administration have issued notice to Arnavaz Mistry and have stopped her from approaching senior single patients alone and she has to take along with her a sister / nurse when she visits lonely single ladies / gents under suspicion of Arnavaz Mistry taking their signatures on blank papers, perhaps for their flats or for joint bank accounts. Managing Committee Hon Sec., Zareer Bhathena and Hector Mehta or their Senior officer, Jal Adajania will substantiate this action of theirs for Arnavaz Mistry to take a nurse with her when she visits the single lonely patients in the hospital for her alleged social work. At the Friday’s candidates meeting at Nowroz Baug, a senior office bearer of the Parsi General Hospital present at that time admitted as such before the gathering.
In fact Sir Jamshedji Jeejeebhoy in last Sundays Jame Jamshed of 27-3-2016 has informed the community that they have not authorized anybody to collect donations or funds from any inmate or their relatives of the Parsi Ward of the J.J. Hospital, as all expenses are met by their Trust. Arnavaz is alleged to be taking donations from various institutions and relatives of inmates under the guise of need for expenses of the Parsi Ward. Again I am confidentially informed by one of the Trustees of Sir J.J. Charities that Arnavaz Mistry would complain to all and sundry about lack of funds for various needs of the inmates of the Parsi Ward of J. J. Hospital and then not deposit the same in the bank account of J J Charities. Hence the J.J. Charities were left with no alternative but to issue this precautionary Notice. I sent an email to them about the same and one Mr. Damania phoned me and informed me that they have no concrete proof of this diversion and I told him to call for the accounts of their family Trusts and cross-check.
She insulted Zenobia Adajania, thirty year serving Chairman of Ladies Committee of Parekh Dharamshala when she was elected as a Trustee in 2008 and deposed her and got herself appointed as Chairman on ground of her superiority being a Trustee.
But when her term expired in October 2015 and Arnavaz was no longer a Trustee from 28-10-2015 onwards till date and Armaity Tirandaz asked for the same right as a continuing Trustee to be appointed as Chairman of Ladies Committee on the basis of the same precedent set by Arnavaz herself, she refused and then appealed to the majority Trustees who she had helped get elected, Yazdi Desai, Kersi Randeria and Noshir Dadrawala who then returned their debt by voting to allow her to continue as Chairman. So much for Rule of Law.
Does the community want such a person of doubtful integrity to be elected as a Trustee of the community’s assets and properties? Please seriously think about it.
I therefore call upon the Trustees and the Election President to take action for breach of Code of Conduct against Arnavaz Mistry or apologise to the community for maligning my name by publishing that I have not signed the meaningless unenforceable Code of Conduct, and taking no action when their Dadar colleague brazenly flouts the Code of Conduct signed by her.

Yours Sincerely,

(Eric Dhatigara )

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