BPP Elections

Xerses Dastur invites our community ladies to an open debate! Will they accept? Or will they shy away?

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Xerxes Dastur

Dear Mrs. Tirandaz and Mrs. Mistry,

I hope this letter finds you well.

Having contested in the last election, I was humbled by the overwhelming support and love I received from our community electorate. I was unsuccessful in my campaign by a small margin which proves that the community prefers educated and professional individuals with a clean and untarnished reputation.

A fresh election has dawned upon us even before we have recovered from the last one. Many members of the community and stalwarts pushed hard for me to recontest, however throwing my hat into the arena immediately after the last election did not seem wise. My desire to serve the community nevertheless remains intact and by the grace of Ahura Mazda, I will always continue my service to our great community.

Arnavaz Mistry and Armaity Tirandaz
Arnavaz Mistry and Armaity Tirandaz

The current Board of Trustees (barring Mrs. Tirandaz) today consists of all professionals most of whom have excelled in their profession. Indeed professionals in various fields of activity and endeavor are needed to manage an august institution as vast and complex as the BPP. However, the BPP also requires that woman’s touch, preferably a professional, to bring balance on the male dominated Board.

It is why when I was informed that two of our community ladies, though both social workers, have decided to contest I was extremely pleased. Both you ladies excel in the field of community service and both have served the BPP as a Trustee. Ms. Mistry did not re-contest the last election for reasons best known to her thereby not only losing her Seniority but will now be the juniormost Trustee if elected whilst Mrs. Tirandaz is re-contesting to continue as a Trustee before her term expires on 21st April 2016.

What the last few elections lacked was a common platform of sorts for candidates to share their views and engage in a healthy dialogue. I remember being present, with my father, at the last such event planned way back in the 1980s when an auditorium packed with the Anjuman heard a debate between Mr. Fali Poncha and Mr. Homi Ranina both contesting for the post of BPP Trustee. The community witnessed the two candidates exchange views and opinions on issues of substance. They opined and argued points of fact that needed to be brought out and both gentlemen in the most dignified manner debated on issue after issue, way after the scheduled closing time.

The maturity shown at that debate should be emulated in all BPP elections. A common stage, a healthy debate and a mature discussion – all in front of the community members so that the community can witness for themselves first hand who is worthy for the prestigious post of Trustee. We must keep all alliances and loyalties out from an election and let the individual candidates prove their independent worth by convincing the electorate sitting before them why they should be elected. Trustees especially should stay out of electioneering for one or the other as BPP is not a political arena for political parties to vie for a majority.

In light of the above, I humbly invite the two ladies of the community contesting to participate in an open discussion with the community to share their thoughts and views on why they should be elected as Trustee of the BPP. If required we can even have more than one venue. If the ladies agree to my proposal I am willing to be the Master of Ceremonies for the occasion at a suitable time and venue to all.

My offer undoubtedly will be within the Scheme of the Elections and the Code of Conduct. I am certain many beneficiaries will be happy to sponsor in part or full such an event allowing you ladies to be within your allocated spend amount as per the Code of Conduct.

I wish both ladies the very best in the upcoming election. I pray that this election be clean and fair. There are no losers in an election of this kind as it is our community that eventually wins.

I remain willing to serve.

Yours sincerely,
Xerses Dastur