Promoting And Perpetuating Udvada As A Cultural And Heritage Centre

In Jam-e-Jamshed of 22-12-2002 Commissioner of Tourism, Government of Gujarat has published an announcement to the effect that the Central and the State Governments have sanctioned two grants of Rs. 97.27 lakhs and Rs. 24.32 lakhs respectively for “promoting and perpetuating Udvada as a cultural and heritage centre.” This is in appreciation of the services of our community to the development of India, and our respect and good feelings to all religions other than the Parsi. The proposal suggested, as the first step, several actions like establishing a museum and cultural Centre, a Tourist Lodge cum Reception Centre and Heritage walk at Udvada, and organising a grand annual festival and tourist circuit as the places where Paak Iranshah was lodged from time to time. A core group consisting of prominent Parsis is appointed for the purpose.

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