Lord Meghnad Desai At Wzcc Global Agm


Referring to the recent impasse in Parliament where the Congress and its allies have stalled Parliamentary proceedings, British Labour politician and globally-respected economist Lord Meghnad Desai said that only debate can drive people forward, which should be welcomed by all parties.

“I think India needs to confront the challenge of different ideas and debate on it. The government is not being allowed to govern in Parliament. But I think there should be an explosion of debate, and at the end of it let us march forward,” Desai said while speaking at the annual general meeting of the World Zarathushti Chamber of Commerce.

Speaking further, he stated that India has a dysfunctional parliament because India has a cluster of parties with no sense of decorum and discipline. “I have never seen a member shouting, rushing down in the UK, so why is it we have such a peculiar situation here?” Desai asked.

Despite this, Desai remained optimistic and put the current logjam in the current Parliament session down to the fact that for the first time after 25 years a party other than the Congress had got a majority in the central government.

“The people who are in power lack sophistication, lack education. They have different ideas about what constitutes the idea of India and that is making the previous leaders uncomfortable,” Desai said. “Still India is on the cusp of change.”

The member of British parliament said that Indian political leaders, across parties, failed to take responsibility for defeat.

“I think political leadership should take responsibility for defeat and share success. In India nobody takes responsibility for defeat. I see this in most political parties. The buck has to stop somewhere,” Desai told an audience of eager Parsi community members.

During the annual general meeting, the global body decided to try and energize the Parsi entrepreneurial spirit, build a master website for the Parsi corporate community, build a global job portal, hold joint meetings and deliberations with other organizations and think thanks.

It has also been decided to organize a major trade fair in India and to also explore and encourage business opportunities in Canada and America. The World Zarathusthi Chamber of Commerce intends to undertake high visibility projects across the world to further the Parsi cause. A 3 to 5 crore venture fund has also been planned for India.