Family Qualities & Mental Health of Zoroastrian Young Adults: A Study

zoroastrian_mental_health_thumbFamily Qualities & Mental Health of Zoroastrian Young Adults is the title of a very detailed and interesting research exercise conducted by Farin Bakhtiari and and Scott Plunkett.


The A Lab Research Project ( at California State University Northridge was designed to enhance the understanding of successful adaptation of adolescents and young adults from various ethnic and cultural backgrounds. This report will focus on data collected from 209
Zoroastrian young adults from July 2014 to January 2015.

This is one of the first and only reports examining factors that relate to Zoroastrian young adults’ family qualities and mental health. Educators, teachers, mental health practitioners, and community leaders can use this report to better understand the development of Zoroastrian young adults. Also, the findings in this report would be helpful for organizations that want to implement family life education programs (e.g., parenting education) and/or workshops for Zoroastrian young adults.

Throughout the report, there are subsections titled “Comments & Recommendations” that will give ideas to practitioners and community leaders on how to improve the quality of life of Zoroastrian young adults. These sections are denoted with the graphic on the left.

Continue reading the report in PDF Format.

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