Zoroastrian Presence at the 2015 Parliament of World’s Religions

2-1Nearly 20 Zarathushtis are part of the FEZANA delegation at the 2015 Parliament of World’s Religions at Salt Lake City Utah, United States of America.

Over four days they are part of over 9500 attendees at this the world’s largest interfaith event of its kind.

FEZANA will also have a total of 5 sessions that they facilitate and lead. The first one on Friday morning was about the Jashan Ceremony. Ervad Jehan Bagli conducted an abridged version of the Jashan ceremony and demonstrated the various rituals and their meanings to a house full crowd who were out in full force at 7 AM in the morning.

Later sessions in the day included a panel discussion titled “Relationship with the Divine” and Stewardship of the Divine. You can read more about these on FEZANA’s website.

On the evening of Thursday 15th October, 2015 the opening ceremony saw religious leaders of various faiths take the stage and give a benediction in their own prayers. Ervad Kobad Zarolia represented the Zoroastrian faith up on the stage in front of thousands of attendees.

The FEZANA booth in the exhibit hall has a steady stream of visitors, many of them surprised to find practitioners of the ancient faith.

In the video you can see Ervad Kobad Zarolia reciting our prayers

Published on Parsi Khabar