The Parsi Junction (PJ) newsletter has deliberately labelled genuinely orthodox groups like PIPZ, TZML, etc. as “ultraorthodox” in an attempt to ridicule their worthiness. This was done twice in successive issues dated 27 June and 10 July.

PIPZ had promptly objected to these labels used by PJ way back on 12th July. However even after an elapse of one and a half months and after many issues, PJ has not yet reproduced their reply, which is now anyway available in the public domain and reproduced below.

Dear humdins, please do not get sucked into these word games played by PJ for reasons best known to them.

PIPZ, TZML, etc. are all genuine traditionalorthodox groups which do not encourage intermarried Parsis nor their progeny as members. Yet the Parsi Junction mischievously refers to even such 24-carat gold groups derisively as ‘ultra-orthodox’ for no other reason but to falsely portray them as extremists and Taliban-like.

Please read below the PIPZ’s publicly available letter of clarification sent to the Parsi Junction for printing, but not yet reproduced by them.

A big thumbs-down for PJ. Sincerely, TZML Admins (


We, the PIPZ Admins sincerely thank Parsi Junction (PJ) for responding to our statement that was posted on PIPZ on 27th June 2022; and reproduced on page 1 of the Parsi Junction of Sunday, 10th July 2022. This was in connection with the Doongarwadi finally being readied and legally allowing the use of one of our dokhmas for our unfortunate covid ruwans. The Admins humbly and graciously accept the apology tendered.

However, we are perplexed and rightfully take umbrage, when Parsi Junction has – for the second week in succession – resorted to refer to us – and other traditional groups like TMYZ, etc. – by a non-suitable label of ‘ultraorthodox’.

Why would PJ play such labelling mind games with sincere traditional groups of the THE PARSI JUNCTION APPLIES MISLEADING LABELS TO ORTHODOX GROUPS LIKE PIPZ, TZML, ETC. community who, even in these ahrimanic times, are upholding the absolute essential principle of our religion called ‘Tokham Pasbani’, meaning preserving the Parsi boon (or seed). Wonder what are PJ’s motives in doing so.

First, let’s get the facts correct.

To be labelled a traditional-orthodox, a group MUST have a robust membership clause where neither male or female intermarried Parsis, nor their juddin children are accepted.

This is ably manifested in the membership criteria of PIPZ, TMYZ, TZML, PIDPZ, Traditional Zoroastrian Association of California, etc; and also amongst the Khshnoom groups which flourish in real life and on social media. Only the above organisations and those similar to it which respect ‘Tokham Pasbani’ can be rightfully categorised as traditional-orthodox.

And by what stretch of imagination or with what ecclesiastical authority has PJ called groups like WAPIZ and others as orthodox, when they permit inter-marrieds and their juddin children as their members. Does PJ want the ethnic Parsi community to be racially wiped out by promoting these pseudoorthodox groups as orthodox?

PJ talks about the much abused, misunderstood and misquoted Davar Beamon ‘judgement’, when in fact it is not even a judgement, but an ‘obiter-dictum’ pronounced by one of the judges Justice Davar. For the unversed, in the beginning of the last century, the two judges were primarily judging a case to decide whether an intermarried lady in question can or cannot use the facilities or be part of the Parsi Zarathushti religion. The judgement was ‘No, they cannot’.

On the passing, Davar remarked that a Parsi could be one whose mother is a non-Parsi; but as many like the late Meherjirana K. N. Dastoor (a legal luminary), Mr Adi Doctor and the Parsee Voice have explained many times, the judge was only speaking his mind, and did not set that definition as legally binding on the community. He had an associate declare so in writing on his behalf that what he had stated (dictum) was outside (obiter) the purview of the main judgement.

Hence, this patrilineal-leaning remark attempting to include Parsi intermarried males as Parsis is NOT THE L.AW OF THE LAND, as is erroneously believed by community members today, and unscrupulously quoted by people who do not want the ethno-religious Parsi community to survive at all.

Additionally, Samast Anjumans have been held in the past where such patrilineal definitions have not been accepted by the community.

Legal niceties aside, the Zarathushtrian religious Scriptures clearly pronounce intermarriage of any gender as a sin, and Vada Dasturji Kotwal too has also mentioned that inter-married men have sneaked into the community ‘by the back door’.

Now comes the question is why the Parsi Junction has labelled the true traditionalorthodox as ‘ultra-orthodox’ and why we find that term derogatory.

The answer is simple : In today’s day and age, if you label someone as ‘ultra’, you are indirectly implying that they are extremists, fringe elements or over-the top people. Some have even called the orthodox groups as ‘Taliban-like’, all incorrect and mischievously done so that pseudo-traditional groups like WAPIZ can elbow the true-traditionals out of the orthodox domain into the ‘ultra’ domain and start calling themselves orthodox.

We are very disappointed to see such labelling tricks used by the Parsi Junction, which is normally supportive of traditional causes. Instead of joining hands with PIPZ, TMYZ, etc. and furthering the case of strengthening the Parsi ethnicity (due to which only we are a recognisable community), they have given covert and overt support to the liberals, reformists and the heterodox individuals and organisations in India and overseas who have no real interest in the preservation of the community.

Forgive us for being so blunt, but thank you for reading and listening, and giving us – the true traditional-orthodox – an opportunity to air and affirm what we believe in, and what our Mazdayasni Zarathushti religion mandates in countless statements of our Scriptures and highlighted by the faithful, proven and dedicated scholars .

Thank you again. Admins of PIPZ



In Parsi Junction issue No. 140 of 10th July 2022, we had requested PIPZ ADMINS for a better word to describe such Traditional Orthodox groups like PIPZ, TZML, etc to describe them if they felt offended by being labeled ‘Ultra Orthodox’. It was never our intention to ridicule their worthiness. In fact we agree with your statement that “PIPZ, TZML, etc. are all genuine traditional-orthodox groups which do not encourage intermarried Parsis nor their progeny as members”.

But since we have already labeled Groups like BPP, N.M.Wadia Trust (of Ervad Burjor Antia), Petit Trust, Wapiz, etc as Orthodox as they follow the Parsi definition laid down in the Davar Beamon Judgement of 1908, which allows children of Parsi fathers with non Parsi mothers to be treated as Parsis but not children of non Parsi fathers with Parsi mothers.

Whether Davar Beamon Judgement of 1908 is Obiter Dicta or not, the community and its apex Trust, the BPP, has followed this definition from 1908 till today in spite of various fatvas and public meetings and Hama Anjuman meetings as well as all High Priests calling for gender equality.

Today there is a non Parsi in almost every Parsi family and one cannot run away from the fact of every second or third marriage is an intercaste marriage. We are a dying community and if we do not see the reality staring in our face we will die out sooner than later.

We do not agree with your derisive statement that “Yet the Parsi Junction mischievously refers to even such 24-carat gold groups derisively as ‘ultra-orthodox’ for no other reason but to falsely portray them as extremists and Taliban-like”.

It is not our intention to label or portray genuine traditional-orthodox groups like yours as extremists or Taliban like as we agree that you are on the right track but in today’s times when we are faced with 50% inter-caste marriages, to stick to the traditional definition of both Parsi parents seems a travesty of an ostrich like situation rather than facing reality.

We understand your angst but once we define BPP as orthodox with Parsi fathers, than please let us know what to label groups like yours. It was never our intention to ridicule or run down groups like your which probably may turn out to be the Parsi saving Group but for lack of a better label we called you as ‘Ultra Orthodox’. Please let us know what your group should be labeled oncc BPP is called Orthodox.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the most Orthodox of your group Mr. Burjor Antia, seeing the writing on the wall, has allowed and sold plots in Malcolm Baug, Jogehwari to mixed marriage couples. Of course with the new Chairman, ex-Justice Sharukh Kathawala, taking over, it is to be seen how Orthodox will his Trust be.

Pending your reply we have decided to call your Group ‘Traditional Orthodox” and others like BPP only ‘Orthodox’ if it will soothe frayed nerves.

Awaiting your reply as to what label to give Groups like yours which believe in gender equality and want to keep children of both Parsi fathers as well as Parsi mothers out of definition of Parsi,

Yours truly,

Editor and his team.

Source: Parsi Junction