Dear Sir,

My grateful thanks to Parsi Junction and the voters for ensuring that 5 out of the 7 candidates from my “dream team” won. While Anahita Desai was expected to win with the highest number of votes, I am disappointed that Rumy Zarir, though a little known activist, but one with a ton of accomplishments to his credit, lost very narrowly.

The new election scheme provides for an INDEPENDENT EXTERNAL ADVISOR and in my view I hope that the new board considers Rumy befitting for advice especially since he lost by only a few votes! I was also hopeful that Zuleika Homavazir would win and her victory would have completed the dream team with “Four Formidable Feminine Power” for the first time on the BPP board!

However it is heartening to note that from the Kersi Randeria panel Dr. Adil Malia and Mr. Hoshi Jal have both made their debut on the Board. This proves that the voters did use their discretion and wisdom.

With the composition of the new Board of Trustees, one can now most certainly look forward to a cohesive and united team which will be able to deliver on the election promises.

Now the hope of the community is that the new Trustees will work together and even if there are differences these will be sorted out internally and a unified decision will be presented before the community. After all B.P.P. is not a political institution like the Lok Sabha.

This will help prevent the Majority v/s Minority from raising its ugly head. One way would be for the new team to create ONE Email ID for the community to connect with the BPP. The community members should then register their email I.D.s only on this official B.P.P. email. From this ID the board and administration should periodically inform all those who have registered, of the BPP’s plans, programmes and achievements and invite feedback from the community.

This will help avoid in future controversies like the steep increase in service charges which was thrust on the community. The Board can then collectively discuss these internally, without publicly expressing their individual views and then convey the Board decision on any issue.

With best wishes to the entire new Board of Trustees.

Phiroze Amroliwalla

Source: Parsi Junction