Jamshedpur all set to glitter on Founder’s 183rd birth anniversary celebration

40 landmark locations across Jamshedpur to be illuminated   

Tata Group Chairman N Chandrasekaran to arrive on March 2, Ratan Tata invited

Founder’s Day theme: “Life@TataSteel – Build the tomorrow you deserve”

The Steel City is gearing up to celebrate the 183rd birth anniversary of its iconic and visionary founder Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata on March 3, 2022. To give the occasion an excitingly colourful look of Alice’s Wonderland, 40 landmark locations across Jamshedpur will be illuminated with exquisite light designs.

“Tata Sons’ Chairman, N Chandrasekaran will arrive in Jamshedpur on March 2 to pay homage to the Founder. Tata Group Chairman Emeritus, Ratan Tata has been invited but we haven’t received confirmation yet on his participation,” said Chanakya Chaudhary, Vice President, Corporate Services, Tata Steel.

Addressing a press meet at United Club on Saturday, Chaudhary said that the annual celebration this year will be themed on “Life@TataSteel – Build the tomorrow you deserve.”

Tata Steel along with Tata Steel Utilities and Infrastructure Services Limited are working in tandem to ensure a bedecked Jamshedpur in a fairy tale ambience in countdown to the Big Day.

“The event is being planned with the current COVID-19 safety protocols to ensure that all stakeholders may enjoy the initiatives planned and pay their respects to J N Tata. The celebration, however, will be a tad curtailed on the advice of our medical team that contended that children who have not received COVID vaccine jabs while booster dose has not fully rolled out, it should be ensured that the celebratory mood is not beset with health hazards. Social distancing should be adhered to for the health and safety of all,” he informed.

The Founder’s life size statue and some areas in Jubilee Park have been illuminated. The illumination is not open to public viewing like in the past and thus the décor has been planned in  a symbolic pattern.

Even inside the steel works, there will not be any floats and the contingents to pay floral tributes have been trimmed.

Every year, Tata Steel along with other Tata group of companies celebrate the birth anniversary of the Founder and his vision of an industrial future with community welfare features at its core.  

Life@TataSteel will reflect life where profession meets passion, ambition meets compassion and work meets leisure. It is aimed at showcasing how the Company continues to build an organization where people work harmoniously to build a better tomorrow for themselves and the world.

J N Tata had begun his entrepreneurial journey with a textile mill in central India in the 1870s. His vision inspired the steel and power industry in India and thus set the foundation for technical education, and helped the country leapfrog to join the ranks of industrialized nations.

Illumination at roundabouts

One of the key features of this year’s celebration will be the illumination of more than 30 landmark spots in Jamshedpur including heritage buildings, places of worship, dozens of roundabouts et al. The artistic assimilation of colored lights will be a key feature of the celebrations that will be a welcome reminder to citizens and visitors on the beauty of the city. Link Road Roundabout,  Jubilee Park Sakchi Gate Roundabout,  P N Bose Roundabout near MD TSL Bungalow,   Chummery Guest House,  Tata Tubes,  Mango Roundabout,  RMC Roundabout, Church Roundabout, Tinplate Roundabout,  Beldih Church Roundabout,  Baridih Pandey Park and  Market Roundabouts, JUSCO Roundabout,  Lady Gandhi Roundabout near Dorabji Park,  Baug e Jamsheed Roundabout, Adityapur Roundabout,  Sakchi Roundabout,  Agrico Signal Crossing,  Centre Point Roundabout,  GT Hostel 1 Roundabout, Flatlet Roundabout, Ganesh Puja Maidan,  Jamshedpur School of Art, Rankini Mandir Roundabout,  Tata Pigments Roundabout,  Voltas Building Roundabout, Regal Roundabout 1 and 2,  In front of Shanti Hari Tower,  TMH Roundabout and CH Area Roundabout will highlight the mood and spirit of the Founder’s Day celebrations.

Illumination of Heritage Buildings

Various heritage buildings including Tata Steel UISL Corporate Office, Tata Workers’ Union,  Jusco Union Office, Tata Main Hospital,  RMCE Building,  Parsee Temple,  Tatanagar Railway Station,  Postal Park,  RD Tata Building, Beldih Church,  KMPM Gate facing Bistupur Main Road,  Tata Pigments Gate,   School of Hope,  Northern Town Church and Golmuri Clock Tower will be illuminated to radiate joy amidst challenging times.

Chairman to inaugurate illumination inside Jubilee Park

N Chandrasekaran will inaugurate the illumination inside Jubilee Park on March 2, 2022 and pay homage to the Founder. The illumination will be in place till March 4.

Incidentally the Founder’s statue and some select locations in Jubilee Park have been illuminated but unlike earlier years, on this occasion the decorations have been kept out of bounds for public viewing. 

Tarun Daga, MD, Tata Steel UISL said, no traffic flow will be allowed inside Jubilee Park from March 2- 4, 2022 for safety reasons and restrictions will be in place for citizens due to COVID-19 strictures.  He informed that lighting had been done only around the area of the Founder’s statue inside Jubilee Park. New solar trees have been installed.

Homage to Founder inside Tata Steel works

On March 3, Natarajan Chandrasekaran and senior company officials will pay floral tributes to the Founder JN Tata inside Tata Steel works. The entire programme will be live streamed for employees along with Facebook Live broadcast on Tata Steel official handle that can be viewed worldwide. There will be no floats on display this year also. An exhibition at Steelenium Hall inside Jamshedpur Works will be inaugurated on March 3, 2022.

Postal Park

The Chairman Tata Sons will pay homage to the Founder on March 2, 2022 at Postal Park in Bistupur. The usual pageantry or floats/ marching contingent organized in front of the Founder’s Statue at Postal Park in Bistupur has been cancelled in view of COVID-19 restrictions. Tarun Daga, MD, Tata Steel UISL said, traffic flow near the area of Postal Park will be restricted from 8am – 11am on March 3, 2022

Founder’s Day sports at JRD Sports Complex

The Sport activities at JRD Sports Complex are being planned with limited participation. In view of the pandemic, the sports events at JRD Sports Complex will also be restricted to “no contact” events like running, long jump and walking race. on March 3.

New look Kadma-Sonari Link Road

One of the posh city locations, the Kadma-Sonari Link Road, has been revamped. Mural art forms are on display at walls along the road.

At the side of the road, a cycle track has been laid while pathway in the middle of the road will provide convenience to morning and evening walkers, said Senior General Manager of Jharkhand Business, Captain Dhananjay Mishra.

Night view of the road have adorned a stunning look as street light poles have been adorned. The The two kilometer long Link Road has been widened from 3.5 m to 5.5 m. Jusco MD Tarun Daga said, “Cycle track of 950 meters has been laid parallel to this road with width of 1.8 meters. Keeping in mind the senior citizens, we have for the first time, we have laid at soft walker track.”

Green open gym

Daga informed that Hasel Park by the side of the Link Road has been developed as an open gym. The open green gym boasts of 20 fitness equipments, suitable to people of all ages. He said two parking spaces have been built for both two wheeler and four wheeler vehicles. High quality street lights on both sides of the road will provide convenience to walkers even during the night.

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