‘Earlier, mom would make a big deal of the Parsi New Year’

The actor shares how he always looks forward to celebrating the day with his family over food; adds he is spending this Parsi New Year shooting

Boman Irani will be spending this New Year shooting. And while he isn’t the biggest fan of virtual phone calls, he agrees that it’s the only way to spend some time with his family. “Unfortunately, I’m not at home today. The worst way to celebrate the day is via a video call but it’s also the only way since it has become a part and parcel of our lives now,” he says.

Ask him about his fondest memory of celebrating the Parsi New Year and he shares, “We got new clothes. I also remember the food very fondly. Thankfully, none of that has changed. Earlier, mom would make a big deal of it and now Zenobia (Irani; wife) is following suit.”

So what are his prayers for the new year that begins today? “I’m looking forward to a new era, the post-Covid era. Every religion and community is hoping for prosperous, peaceful and healthy days ahead. And I’m sure that they are also looking forward to come together as families and celebrate festivals. We’ve lost a few people and I hope that we slowly limp back to normalcy,” says the actor.

Irani looks at the silver lining and believes that the on-going pandemic has brought families closer. “During the pandemic, we’ve spent more time with our families than we could have ever imagined. It’s important to realise that family is number one,” he remarks, adding, “Festivals were designed to bring families together. We travel to each other during festivals. I might be working today but I’m still close to my loved ones.”

An elaborate Parsi spread completes the auspicious occasion for him. “My favourite is the saas ni machchhi, patrani machchhi and pulaao daal. I’ll miss them this year but the day I land back in Mumbai, Zenobia will have them prepared for me,” he ends.

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