Rumy Zarir! What the Zoroastrian community needs…

Over the years Rumy has been helping, supporting the community and fighting for what is right without fear and without the fear of being judged.

It makes him stand out as a different personality always, like his mobile caller tune suggests: Once he commits to something, he is committed till the end.

Rumy not only gives selfless service to our community but interacts efficiently in maintaining excellent working relationships with government authorities like BMC, Police, Fire Brigade, Public health, etc. When everyone was spending time with family late in the evenings, Rumy went door to door along with the security, sanitizing all the Zoroastrian colony buildings at Chicalwadi, while informing Tenants about the process and requesting to be careful whilst walking on the sanitized area. Rumy is selfless in serving the community and goes out to help even people not known to him.Many calls received at odd hours are patiently heard.

In this last year of panic and concern, he has stepped out daily without caring for his own safety. He has actively been involved in colony welfare activities like Fumigation, arranging groceries for tenants during the lockdown peak. He has been like a guardian, attending to requests which others don’t heed to. One such example was when, he used his presence of mind to facilitate an old injured senior citizen to reach the hospital in time– on the day of the cyclone Tauktae, an old lady who had a major fall was being taken to the hospital, however, the ambulance could not reach her building due to road construction work and floods in the surrounding areas. By allowing passage through the colony, the ambulance by-passed the commotion and reached the hospital in time.

A miracle worker for this senior citizen needing timely assistance. Rumy is a fearless leader who will not think twice in coming forward and supporting the community when needed. He gets the job done with his Can-Do attitude and without fuss.

He is constantly involved in service for the community. He was actively involved in sorting out encroachment issues with regards to two of our prominent Agiaries in Mumbai.

He was continuously on the move during the lockdown, delivering food, groceries and medicines to the deserving and the elderly. This activity was done all over south Mumbai.

For his tireless efforts, he was awarded ‘100 Most Impactful Corona Warrior Award’ by Social Talks in association with IDMA (Indian Drug Manufacturers’ Association) .

Rumy Zarir, a true warrior and a treasure of our community.

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