If you ask us, we just love how versatile an egg is. It is easily accessible, affordable and has a pool of recipes to its credits. Be it the laziest or the busiest of the days – an egg or two comes to our rescue and helps us put together a wholesome meal in no time. While we resort to boiled eggs during those time-pressed mornings, a humble bowl of egg curry makes for a fulfilling lunch when paired with rice. And for the days when we feel like having something fancy, we whip up shakshuka or loaded cheese omelette. Besides being versatile, what adds to it its credits is the rich nutrient-profile. An egg is loaded with protein, fibre, vitamins and several other nutrients that help boost metabolism and digestion, further maintaining overall health. Hence, experts recommend eggs for breakfast to kick-start the morning with nutrition and energy.

What comes to your mind when we say eggs for breakfast? Boiled eggs, omelette, poached eggs and egg bhurji will surely be a few of the popular choices. Egg bhurji is basically a desi-style scrambled egg made with loads of onion, tomato, ginger, coriander leaves and masalas. We love pairing egg bhurji with toasted bread, roti or paratha to make a healthy breakfast meal. Considering its popularity, we found a Parsi-style egg recipe that is sure to elevate your meal in no time. Traditionally, this dish is called akuri.

High-Protein Diet: How To Make Akuri | Parsi-Style Egg Bhurji Recipe:

Akuri is a mildly spiced scrambled egg made with potatoes, ginger and some spices. What makes it different from the regular egg bhurji is its texture. Akuri has a runny consistency, where eggs are not overcooked. You also find a variation of akuri – bharuchi akuri – where eggs are cooked with spices, dry fruits and nuts. Akuri, paired with pav, makes for a quintessential Parsi breakfast.

We found a recipe that will help you make akuri at home in a jiffy. All you need for this dish are eggs, potatoes, cumin, green chilli, garlic, onion, coriander, salt, pepper and oil.

First cook the potatoes with cumin, garlic, onion, green chilli, coriander, salt and pepper. When the potatoes get soft, break eggs in the pan and cook until eggs are set. And akuri is ready to get relished. Trust us, the dish is as simple as it sounds.

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