Chef Yajush Malik and his team of master chefs have rolled out a Navroz special “Jamva Chalo Ji” menu, which guests can relish from 15th – 31st March.

As the countdown to Navroz  gets underway, the team at Gallops Courtyard have come up with a  traditional Parsi menu to celebrate the occasion.

Chef Yajush Malik and his team of master chefs have rolled out a Navroz special “Jamva Chalo Ji”  menu, which guests can relish from 15th – 31st March.

The lavish Navroz menu presents traditional flavours with an innovative twist. Each dish on the menu has been curated with an authentic flair. The menu will be served all day at the Gallops restaurant and will also be available at the Gallops Courtyard and Alfresco section .

As part of the menu, guests can enjoy a lavish meal of traditional Parsi Bhonu that includes a tantalizing array of specialities including traditional non veg delicacies and veg specials too. This will include a combination of meat, sea food and mild spices mixed perfectly to bring the authentic Parsi experience.

The menu includes a grand scrumptious feast for all made with authentic family recipes and cooked using ingredients from the Zoroastrian (holy land of Udvada). It also includes appetizers  such as Pestonji’s Chutney Pattice ( Tangy green chutney,coated with soft mashed potato & crumb fried ), Aflatoon Akuri (  Fluffy scrambled eggs with fresh spices, served with  home baked Khari), Faredoon Na Farcha ( an inferiority complex to the Kentucky fried Chicken.)

The mains include Sexy Salli Boti ( Slim Potato straws involved with melting mutton cubes ), Machhi Na Curry ( Gallops’ Red spice Masala and Coconut curry recipe ), Dhan Dar Prawn Patio ( A ménage a trois of traditional Parsi Yellow Dal, with steamed rice, Prawns immersed in a sweet & sour thick gravy), Kolmi Ni Curry ( Special Red spice masala and Coconut curry recipe ),  Patra Na Paneer ( Paneer romanticizing with green chutney in a steamy banana leaf affair ), Secret Dhansak Daal ( Thick masala Daal blended with traditional vegetables served with caramelized rice. A secret Mammaiji recipe ) and so on.

Guests can end their meal on a sweet note with Udvada Nu Sancha Nu Mango Ice Cream ( Hand churned Mango Ice Cream sourced straight from the Zoroastrian Holy Land ) an age-old favourite is Lovji Na  Lagan Nu Custard ( Parsi version of the French bread & butter Pudding ) Dudh Na Puff ( Sweetened frothy milk, huffing & puffing, in a divine light dessert), Parsi Dairy Farm Kulfi (Mumbai’s favourite & iconic dessert for over a century).