Rustom Baug Applauds Its Heroes On Republic Day


During the long and difficult lockdown, stretching mid-March to October, 2020, six Security personnel and five Trust staff volunteered to stay and continue working night and day. in Rustom Baug. Rustom Baug tenants graciously contributed towards their upkeep, which included their lodging (at Neville Hall), meals, personal hygiene supplies, medication etc.

In appreciation of their dedication and sacrifice, on Republic Day – January 26th, 2021, the Rustom Baug Welfare Association (RBWA) held a brief ceremony at Sir Ness Wadia Memorial Pavilion, which began with the National Anthem. A cash purse was presented to all eleven deserving gentlemen.

Burzis Taraporevala – President, RBWA thanked the staff for their sacrifice and going beyond their call of duty to provide safety and ever-ready support for all residents, especially seniors, through the challenging period. He specially thanked the baug custodians – Jimmy Mistry and Farokh Bharucha for their support, as well as Ronnie Bugwadia’s help in getting the colony frequently sanitized and helping during power outages and water shortages during odd hours.

“Rustom Baug owes a huge debt of gratitude to all these exceptional gentlemen who shone through as our true heroes during the toughest of times! Gratitude and God Bless!” writes in Rustom L. Jasoomoney.