Armaity Tirandaz Talks About The Immediate Things On Her Agenda

On December 29, Bombay Parsi Punchayet (BPP) board member, Armaity Tirandaz, was unanimously elected as the new chairperson by her fellow board members. The decision followed the resignation of ex-chairperson Yazdi H Desai on December 23 due to his health. In this exclusive conversation with mid-day, Tirandaz talks about the top five immediate things on her agenda.

 What are the top five things you want to take head-on?
We have been especially focused on the areas of senior citizens, monetary assistance, medical aid, maintenance of properties, housing, etc. Redevelopment is also on the cards as many of our properties are aging and the need of the hour is trying to accommodate the nuclear families that approach us for help. We are also committed to preserving our religious places and their upkeep.

Housing and tenancy have been a long-standing problem with the BPP, as have the factions created among board members. How will you tackle these issues?
In any organisation, there is always scope for improvement. But the management and staff of the BPP are quite efficient and know their jobs. There are many moving parts in this organisation that people tend to forget and there is a lot that needs to get done and to follow up on. In the past couple of months as I have been chairing the meetings, I have been trying to engage all trustees in meaningful dialogue and collectively we have tried to create a better feedback mechanism on actions taken during the week. Harmony on the board is essential for the smooth functioning and achieving of the goals we set for ourselves. Respecting each other’s viewpoints and working together will go a long way, as we are here but to serve the beneficiaries and the community at large.

What will you do differently than your predecessor for the Parsi community here?
What I can or cannot achieve will depend on the support of my colleagues, trustees and the management. I will perform my duties to the best of my abilities and remain honest and steadfast in my beliefs.