In the Parsi Times issue of Saturday 29th August 2020, its Owner Kersi Randeruia as well as defacto Editor of Jame-Jamshed, has showered Parsi Junction with all kinds of adjectives out of frustration of the exposure of all his misdeeds and failures.

We will ignore most of the repetitive jibes of the vindictive Kersi Randeria about Parsi Junction understanding his pent up venom for binging before the community his true face. Everything published in Parsi Junction is the TRUTH ONLY. We challenge him to point out even one exposure which is not the Truth.

However brazen lies have to be countered as the community deserves to know the truth, according to Kersi Randeria himself.

Kersi Randeria very slyly observes that “one can safely presume that it is obviously ….Viraf Mehta who is sharing all the information and correspondence with his father.”

Kersi Randeria must recollect his times as to how he was getting all Agendas, Minutes and other papers from the BPP office when he was not a Trustee but using which he made the life of every Trustee of that time miserable by filing application upon application based on information and copies of what he had obtained from the staff. The same modus operandi continues even today and hence his alleged presumption is false to his knowledge. The difference being we are not moving the office of the CC for any relief but only exposing his misdeeds so that the community becomes aware in keeping with our masthead of Transparency and Accountability.

The next issue is his brazen lie about Dinshaw Mehta being eager to make his son Viraf Mehta the Chairman. The correct facts are as under:

On inquiry with Dinshaw Mehta, we are informed that he must have received more than 25 phone calls from Kersi Randeria to meet and finalise terms of moving the amendments of the Election Scheme in tune with their electoral promise to reduce the term of office to 5 years from 7 years and to reduce the maximum term at two from the present three. We had several meetings about the same including quite a few in the office of BPP 2 Consultative Committee Chairman Berjis Desai which was also attended by Trustee Xerxes Dastur.

During personal discussion, Kersi Randeria gave the impression that he was fed up and not going to contest again but wanted to assure that Yazdi Desai should not be allowed to contest under any circumstance for a third term so that he cannot become Chairman again. He also suggested that Dinshaw Mehta should convince Xerxes Dastur to resign along with others in 2022 so that all 7 Trustees go in together and go out together.

Dinshaw Mehta was not in favor of that as continuity is required in such a complex organization as BPP. Further they were supposed to move the amendments earlier so that they would also resign after 5 years and now that they were opting for their 7 year term than why should Xerxes be denied a 7 year term from July 2018.

When Randeria insisted that at least reduce the maximum term to only two terms of 5 years each so that Yazdi Desai could not contest again, that Dinshaw Mehta inquired of him whether he was still determined not to contest again or he had changed his mind that at last Kersi Randeria disclosed that he wanted to be the next Chairman which was possible only if Yazdi Desai was not allowed to contest by so amending the Scheme that Dinshaw Mehta openly told him that Yazdi Desai was definitely preferable as the Chairman compared to Kersi Randeria and hence made it clear that he was not in favor of denying Chairmanship to Yazdi Desai in his favor and openly told him that he was not in favor of restricting the terms to two terms only as Yazdi Desai is a better Chairman material to Kersi Randeria.

After that phone calls from Kersi Randeria ceased as he was only using Dinshaw Mehta to achieve his objective of keeping Yazdi Desai ineligible to contest again. At no stage was Viraf’s Chairmanship issue ever cropped up or was discussed even once in the several meetings they had earlier. The best persons to interview would be Berjis Desai and Xerxes Dastur whether Viraf’s name as Chairman was ever discussed.


As regards Kersi Randeria’s attack on Phiroze Amroliwalla, all his statements are based on facts. Amroliwalla made Randeria make his offer of allowing the sale of his three flats in front of Noshir Dadrawala and late Zarir Bhathena which can be ascertained from Noshir, if he gave up his protest campaign against the extra service charges of Rs.750/pm.

Kersi Randeria than tries to get public sympathy that Amroliwala even targeted his 92 tear old mother. This is the typical way Kersi Randeria twists facts to suit his needs. Amroliwalla has disgustingly pointed out as to what a despicable son he is for not taking his mother with him to his palatial flat at Dadar Parsi Colony so that his mother could enjoy the facility and comfort of the lift instead of climbing floors both at Contractor Bldg. or Godrej Baug.

Kersi Randeria then alleges that “Amroliwalla is in illegal occupation of three flats, who refuses to pay the license fees and the service charges”. WHAT LIES!!

Amroliwalla is in lawful possession of all three flats of which he is a Tenant and not a Licensee as alleged by him. If he was in illegal possession why did he not move to file Eviction suit against him for the last 5 years. As regards rent non-payment Amroliwalla has sent his cheque for payment of lawful rent without the illegal levy of extra Rs. 750/ pm but the same was not encashed on his own specific instructions to the administration. Thus on all the three fronts it is proved that Kersi Randeria has lied on all aspects of his allegations against Amroliwalla.