ZYNGing Musical LIVE on Instagram on Sunday 31st May at 7pm

Shanaya Boyce, Sarosh Nanavaty, Parzaan Dastur, Rehan Balaporia and Sarosh Sidhva to jam live on Insta this Sunday

Rustom : Hey there.. What you doing this Sunday?

Sohrab : Nothing much, will watch some new series, play a game and maybe zoom call someone.

Rustom :  Shyeah! I’ve got a better plan..

Sohrab: And what’s that?

Rustom: I’m going to attend a live performance by 5 Brilliant Bawa / Zoroastrian Artists.. It’s going to be an entertaining musical evening.. Te bhi ‘Free – Free –  Free’. Wait till I give you a little brief on our artists and I’m sure you can’t wait to join in too..

Shanaya Boyce
Shanaya-BoyceShanaya Boyce’s heart has been in music since the age of 6. She has formally trained under instructors like Patricia Rosario, Coomi Wadia, and Zubin Mehta and has even performed live as an independent artist at various prestigious forums. She has worked on some of India’s leading musical theatre productions and continues to follow her passion for singing along with being a model as well as a practicing psychologist. Instagram Profile.
Sarosh Nanavaty
Sarosh-NanavatySarosh Nanavaty is a singer/musician who has performed live nationally and internationally with numerous artists and bands. She is also part of the on-stage musical theatre show Sing India Sing, along with many tribute shows, paying homage to Abba, The Beatles, Whitney Houston and also a part of the Broadway style musical – A Night on Broadway. She is also a voice over artist and singer for many television commercials. Instagram Profile.
Parzaan Dastur
Parzaan-DasturParzaan Dastur is a former child actor who now enjoys performing in musical theatre along with producing and directing digital films. Instagram Profile.
Rehan Balaporia
Rehan-BalaporoiaRehan Balaporia is a puppy trapped in a human’s body who enjoys cheese, ketchup, and olives. In that order. He works as a filmmaker since music alone doesn’t pay the bills. Instagram Profile.
Sarosh Sidhva
Sarosh-SidhvaSarosh Sidhva is an award-winning musician, producer and sound-designer based in Bombay, and has been a guitarist for over 10 years. He has performed live in multiple venues and private events across the country, and has been teaching guitar and mentoring ensembles for the better half of the last decade. Instagram Profile.
Imagine this lineup of great talent coming together to jam live on instagram…..Ofcourse you don’t wanna miss this…Sohrab: Wow! I’m definitely interested..

Rustom : Awesome! So I’ll see you on Sunday, 31st May 7:00pm.. ZYNGing Musical Live..

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