Coronavirus | Iran’s Parsis thank Indian Parsi associations for help

The tiny community has been overwhelmed by the viral infection.

A leading member of Iran’s Zoroastrian community has appreciated the support extended by the New Delhi Parsi Association and the Zoroastrian Anjoman of Mumbai in fighting the Iranian COVID-19 crisis. Sepanta Niknam, leader of the Zoroastrian or Parsi community in Iran’s heritage city of Yazd, said the medicines supplied by the two associations would help the tiny community in Iran which has been overwhelmed by the viral infection.

He said two consignments of medicines and safety equipment were received by the community till March 26. More such consignments are likely to reach Yazd soon. According to Iran’s 2011 census, the country has 25,271 Parsis. In recent weeks, several members of the Iranian Zoroastrian community including head of the community in Shiraz Aflatoon Sohraabi passed away because of the COVID-19.

Iran has several thousand Indians at present including the stranded Shia pilgrims in Qom and students and members of the Sikh community in Tehran and other cities. Iran’s Mahan Air was permitted to fly a limited number of commercial flights to India since New Delhi has stopped the aviation connection on February 27 because of the outbreak in Iran.

The relief materials to the community members in Yazd were sent in a couple of flights that flew to India carrying stranded citizens from Iran.

Published on The Hindu