Atashgah: A hillside Zoroastrian fire temple in Isfahan

TEHRAN – Though Iran is a Muslim-majority country, it is home to ancient Zoroastrian sites still retaining otherworldly charm.

Isfahan’s Atashgah is one of those which is situated on a mountain of the same name in western site of the central Iranian city. Experts say the fire temple dates back Sassanid era (224–651).

From architectural point of view, Atashgah is considered as a wonder of its time. The design is round with eight sides all of which has a large window that enabled people to see the fire from each window. There is also an entrance door.

Narratives say that Zoroastrian priests made fire inside the temple before saying prayers.

Atashgah and its fire temple on top registered in the list of national monuments of Iran in 1951, with the registration number of 380.

As a visitor, when you reach the top of the mountain ultimately, and after refreshing your breath, you may be impressed with the ancient temple! It also offers you amazing vistas of the city especially at night.

Published on Tehran Times