Savage & Palmer – Job Opening

About the firm:
Savage & Palmer is a startup that is transforming the way businesses manage their accounts, taxation and business intelligence reports. Using world-class people, processes and technology, we help SMEs professionalize their daily accounting operations and give business owners actionable insights to make informed decisions.

Job Title – Sales Executive:
We are looking for 1-2 years experienced candidates who are smart and ambitious and want to build a career in Sales & Marketing. For us, energy and passion are more important than experience and education.

Job duties & Responsibilities:
We are a sales driven company – think Leonardo DiCaprio in the Wolf of Wall Street 🙂 The sales team is responsible for reaching out to new prospects, understanding their challenges and pain points and selling a comprehensive solution to streamline their accounts, taxes and MIS reporting. The day-to-day activities of a Sales Executive include –
● Meeting business owners – the most fun part; meet CEOs and Directors of small companies, understand how their businesses function, understand their current accounting systems and pin points and provide a tailor-made solution to them
● Attending events, entrepreneurial expositions and startup meets – here you will connect with multiple young, like-minded people in order to source leads
● Helping create social media awareness about the company