Zoroastrians to observe Pir-e Sabz pilgrimage in Yazd

CAAA5C22-6670-4CD6-BD6B-846921FF8582The annual pilgrimage runs from June 14 to 18 at a mountainous fire temple embedded in a shallow cave in the central Ardakan county, Yazd province. The entrance of the cave is reached via 230 steps. It’s where an “eternal” flame is kept alight.

Narratives say that Pir-e Sabz is dedicated to the princess Nikbanu (meaning “Kind-Lady”) who was the daughter of the last Sassanian king Yazdegird III.

Pir is referred to a temple while the word Sabz means green. There is also an alternative name, Chak-Chak, said to be derived from the sound of water drops after which this pilgrimage site is named.

The pilgrims gather at the site to pray in hope of a better future and to wish for the health and well-being of Zoroastrian followers.

Published on Tehran Times