Jim Sarbh Puts Spotlight On Planet Healers In India

Parsi actor Jim Sarbh has become synonymous as the conniving Bollywood baddie. His latest stint, however, puts him in bed with the good guys. The Made In Heaven star is presenting a four-part original docu-series ‘Planet Healers’ featuring eight of India’s most promising environment friendly start-ups.

Jim said, “I don’t believe in the separation between mankind and nature. Mankind is nature. It is only natural, that nature would find a way to heal itself, through mankind. And so, it falls to us to create solutions and products that not only serve our purpose but also help save the environment. Discovery Channel’s Planet Healers will provide a look into how businesses can exist for more than just making profits, how they can help create a better and sustainable future.”

The series Planet Healers on Discovery Channel will deep dive into the journey of how these start-ups are working out innovative technology led solutions to environmental hazards faced by our country. Farm2Energy claims to have found a solution to use stubble – stubble burning creates an air pollution crisis in Northern India every winter.

Absolute Water converts 17 lakh litres of sewage water into drinking water every day while Saahas Zero Waste specialises in treating and recycling waste without disturbing the ecosystem. NaMo E Waste is working towards not just recycling but also ensuring safe disposal of e-waste. Afforest creates natural, wild, maintenance free, native forests using Miyawaki technique.

Chakr Innovation has created world’s first retro-fit emission control device for diesel generators which can capture over 90% of particulate matter emissions. Urban Kissan empowers people to grow their own safe, fresh and high-quality food with the help of Hydroponic farming technique. Rudra in Pune converts plastic into poly fuel.

“A deer died after consuming plastic before our eyes. And that moment changed our life forever and gave us the resolve to start this fight against waste plastic. We can bring change only if we work collectively; and all it needs is a small action from each one of us,” said Dr. Medha Co-Founder of Rudra.

Rudra collects plastic waste, such as bottles, bags, food pouches, wrappers, cable covers, etc., from different houses around the city and recycle it into fuel, gas and sludge. The poly-fuel is a mixture of diesel, petrol and kerosene, with very high calorific value which can be used in boilers, furnaces, stoves, in agricultural firms, etc.

Said Zulfia Waris, Vice President, Premium & Digital networks, Discovery Communications India, “They are common people with uncommon ambitions and incredible self-belief who are making a difference.”

Published on The CSR Journal