Bastion of Parsi fare

Abad Wadia is the last word when it comes to Parsi food for weddings and Navjote ceremony

Parsis’ love for food is unabiding. No matter what the time of the day – breakfast, lunch or dinner, you can always hear Parsis getting excited over any mention of food. Parsis, as a community, come together for Lagans and Navjotes which is the initiation ceremony where young children are formally inducted into the Zoroastrian religion. And, though it’s a momentous occasion, it’s more about the food. Always! Behind the stage lit up with bright lights is an unobstrusive figure quietly guiding his staff ensuring everything is in ship-shape for the star attraction – laganu bhogu or in plain terms, the food.

Meet Abad Wadia, the only Parsi caterer in town whose appointment diary is brimming with orders long before the wedding season starts in the community. Whether it’s a small or big function, when it’s a typical Parsi fare they want, community members call Abad. A family business handed down to him by his mother and grandmother, Abad is the proprietor of Wadia Caterers and has been running the show for 32 years now.

“I grew up watching my mother and granny work hard in the catering business and managing things at home too. In their prime, they also catered food for functions at Secunderabad Club and those by the Nizam,” says Abad between preparing for a Parsi wedding.

A typical Parsi fare will have Patrani macchi, Saria, Laganu acchar, Rotli, Kid gosht, Pulao, Dhansak, and Abad is the only caterer in town who knows how to whip up the mouthwatering fare. “The cooks have been with us since my granny’s time. Sons and fathers work together in creating dishes which have been taught to them by us. All of our cooks are skilled in making Parsi food, and they are from here,” adds Abad who also takes orders from other communities since the Parsi community is pretty small here.

“We do our fair share of Telugu weddings as well. These days, even Parsis want a bit of the local cuisine in the wedding menu, so you will also find Hyderabad biryani or even a Double ka meetha in the mix. So, the next time you crave some delicious Parsi food, you know who to call.

Published on Telangana Today