BPP Trustee Noshir Dadrawala exposes the FRAUD committed by BPP Chairman Yazdi Desai

BPP Trustee Noshir Dadrawala exposes the FRAUD committed by BPP Chairman Yazdi Desai

I gave myself 24 hours to cool off and calm down before deciding to go public on this.

I am going public because I think it is important for members of the community to know what is happening.

It is the community that trusts and elects the trustees and therefore they have a right to know and be the best judge.

Let the community decide whether I am being “petty” by going public or “prudent” in seeking the community’s mandate and support to stem the rot that is fast creeping into this more than 350 years old institution.

The entire Board of the BPP has been upset with Mr. Yazdi Desai on three to four key issues.
But many want to act diplomatically and say nothing.

There are many more issues. But these three or four are the most recent and fairly serious in nature.

1. Mr. Yazdi Desai has gone ahead and registered the leave and license agreement with just his name and signature in the case of allotment of a 2-room kitchen flat at Cusrow Baug to the Secretary of Ness Wadia.
While sitting over 48 other pending agreements, he took a hop, skip and jump to register this agreement with just his signature because trustee Viraf Mehta had reservations (giving a big flat to a single lady) and abstained from voting and Noshir Dadrawala recorded his refusal to sign. Since others were also seemingly reluctant to sign, Desai, in order to please the “Super Trustee” (Mr. Wadia) went ahead singly on his own and the six other trustees came to know only days after the deed was done. Even at yesterday’s BPP meeting, the Chairman remained unapologetic. The legal validity of this agreement remains questionable.

2. Since the last three years all six trustees have observed Yazdi Desai going out of his way to please, placate and protect a non-Parsi trespasser by the name Sharda who is occupying a huge flat at Khareghat colony. Sharda was a servant looking after an old Parsi lady. She is now to be rewarded with a 2BHK flat in Thane currently worth about Rs. 1 Cr plus Rs. 10 Lakhs to return our own (BPP) property to us. There is more on this story including Mr, Desai wanting to offer this non-Parsi encroacher something even better – an ownership 2BHK flat at Borivili worth about Rs. 1.50 Cr. Fortunately all other trustees thwarted that attempt. Here is a rank encroacher… a trespasser who is dictating to the trustees what she wants, what she will take or not take and recently had the audacity to break open a BPP lock. And yet in a chain of correspondence the lady is defended by the Chairman. WHY? Needy Parsis are hounded out and this non-Parsi trespasser gets the red carpet. For what?

3. In the name of sponsoring a BPP Staff Association Annual function he took control and unilaterally decided and instructed staff that only trustees whom he wants to invite are welcome. He tried to pass it off as a personal function, but, the documentary evidence at hand spoke a different story.

4. Mrs. Anahita Desai the “Shadow Chairperson” instructs senior BPP staff and most of them admitted at yesterday’s Board meeting that when Chairman is not available (which is most of the time) “We talk to Madam”. But, “talk to madam” is putting it mildly and politely. Without being an elected trustee, she is privy to all data, information and issues instructions to senior staff and staff meekly takes orders from “madam”. Shades of Silent PM Manmohan and Shadow PM Sonia.

Every member on the Board expressed shock and disgust. But that’s where it remains or stand. No reprimand or vote of no confidence.

Towards the end, many who were earlier aggrieved and vocal before the meeting became forgiving and virtually accepting and the last thing I saw when exiting the BPP Board room was the triumphant smirk on Yazdi Desai’s face. It spoke a hundred words! It mainly said, shout, scream, protest but, I shall have my way.

I can only say: May God Bless the BPP and the community.

Noshir H. Dadrawala