Twitter’s Praising Parsi Priest Who Wrote The Perfect Path For Cellphone Users To Find God!

We’re a generation addicted to our mobile phones. And going by the enthusiasm with which our parents and uncles and aunties send WhatsApp forwards and comment on Facebook posts, we’re ruining the older generations too! We don’t leave our phones alone, even when we’re in places of worship. But what this one Parsi priest has done to ensure people stay off their phones in the fire temple might just make me a believer!

Twitter user @TaroIrani shared a picture of a message he found posted in a Fire Temple by a Parsi priest, and I think, you need to read it for yourself to see how hilarious it is!

You see it? You see how with just one message, the Parsi priest managed to hit two bullseyes: keeping off cell phones in temples and not texting while driving unless of course you’d like a meeting with the big guy up there!

Twitter couldn’t help but upload this golden nugget of bawa humour!

The best indeed!

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