On a holy muktad morning Bawa Burjorji went to the fire temple to pray for his deceased near and dear ones.

While the bereaved were busy lining up for the priests to offer their prayers to the deceased on priority and return home with the tasty chasni ,the panthaki was busy trying to ease the load of pending prayers for the day and the paniwala boys yet familiarizing the formation of the muktad tables and the dasturjis praying louder than the other in the hope of a decent asodad meant lots of commotion in an otherwise deserted agiary.

Having prayed his daily prayers and immersing himself in the pious Muktad surroundings ,one day, Burjorji returned home gloomy and disgusted ,much to the surprise of his better half Silloo.

As he wouldn’t divulge the reason of his demeanor, Silloo persuasively asked and then started cross questioning him: Are you missing Mumma who expired 15 years ago?,

Did the Foolwala not give you your favorite red roses ?,

Did the Dasturji not pray loudly?,

Did they not give you the chasni?,

Did Soli your cousin not turn up?

Fed up and frustrated and knowing that Silloo won’t let go so easily Burjorji roared “THE BPP STAFF HAS ANNOUNCED A STRIKE” he added

Every morning in the concrete jungles of a parsi baug before the tenants arise , there arises a pumpman who fills the tank with water, the gardener makes sure that the trees are well trimmed, the plumbers makes sure that the taps get water, the electrician ensures proper lighting by the evening, the custodian makes sure that all the amenities are provided and routine matters are addressed ,the kachrawalla collects ,segregates and disposes the waste we generate ,the Doongarwadi staff ensures the graceful last journey of our deceased, the agiaries ,the dharamshalas and the other facilities of the BPP don’t have an auto pilot .

As Burjorji was about to finish the list, Silloo quickly added don’t forget the CEO he has to manage 7 trustees and a Deputy CEO too.

Burjorji decided to discuss the matter with the trustees and decided to call them as he dialed on the BP board line mehroo mai the receptionist asked why he wanted to talk to the trustees and Bawa Burjorji explained that it was for her good .Mehroo mai immediately said “Kai faydo nathi”

Ek Trustee risai gayach that the union was rude ,

Beja kech ke paisa nathi India ni richest trust passé

Teeja trustee kech k ekk festival gayu to su next festival ma apsu

Chotha sethia ajun hospital ma che

Pachma case karva mangech

Chattha Maiji Vichar Karech

Satma trustee ajun file vachech

Nay badhdha ek bija sathe mara mari karech !!

Annoyed as he could be and having felt cheated Burjorji immediately asked for time to meet them.

Mehroo Mai explained that it would not be possible anytime soon she could send them a message if need be?

Burjorji said tell them I want to meet then and ask them

Do they value the sentiments of their staff?

Where did the money go from the increased service charge?

Why is the trust mismanaged?

Where is the money to fight co-trustees in court coming from?

Where is the money for news paper advertisements coming from?

Where is the money for heavy litigation with tenants coming from?

Where is the money to organize elections coming from?

If they hear more from you also tell them to be human first and trustees later.

Fretting and fuming , hot under the collar Burjorji resumed his daily duties and decided to help the staff as much as he could…