XYZ initiates “Each One, Feed One” Program

An initiative to nourish the underprivileged children, Xtremely Young Zoroastrians’ (XYZ) Each One, Feed One’ program pledges to raise funds and provide meals to the underprivileged.  Conceptualized by Tehmurasp’s Titans (TT) volunteer, Yasmin Bhadha along with the team of XYZ Foundation the program will feed one mid-day meal to around five hundred children for a period of one year.

xyz-feedSpeaking to Parsi Times Yasmin Bhadha said,  “As a mother, I understand the importance of good nourishment for growing children and that set me thinking about the numerous less fortunate children. How do they get access to good nutrition which their parents cannot provide? I came in contact with the Annamrita Program of ISKCON Food Relief Foundation, which provides nutritious and wholesome mid-day meals to 1.2 million children across 7 States of  India. Just the guarantee of one meal in a day, brings so many children to school daily, thus boosting classroom attendance and liberating them from the vicious circle of malnutrition and illiteracy.”

TT President, Avan Bhadha said, “When I talked to my mother, it amazed me to hear that it only takes Rs.450/- to feed one child, a nutritious meal for a full year, while these children attend school because of the promise of one meal. I realized how privileged we are and decided to talk to my friends on how we could contribute for this amazing cause.” Adding value to this, President Elect, Benafsha Vaid, said, “We are 500 XYZ members in Mumbai. So we decided each one of us can raise funds to support at least one nutritious meal for an underprivileged child, for a period of one year.”

“Social responsibility is one of the fundamental activities of XYZ. We decided that for every  donation that comes through for the Annamrita program from our XYZ  volunteers/members/or  their families,  XYZ Foundation will make a matching donation and a consolidated amount will be handed over to ISKCON   Food Relief Foundation. Every donation is eligible for 80G certificate as well,” says XYZ Founder, Hoshaang Gotla.

With a target to feed five hundred children for the next one year, XYZ needs to raise Rs. 2,25,000/-.  Since the launch of the campaign on 30th January, 2018, the team has already raised 50% of the target amount.

XYZ Appeals to the readers to contribute to this noble cause via the following:

Make an online donation through the link

Or issue a cheque in the name of ISKCON Food Relief the Annamrita program from our Foundation

Or issue a cheque in the name of XYZ Foundation and hand it over to your group volunteer. The Tr team will manage the collections of the same.

Or the cheques can be mailed to XYZ Foundation, Thakker Building, 1st floor, Champsi Bhimji Road, Mazgaon,  Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Do send in your contributions launch of the campaign on latest by 30th March, 2018 and make a big difference in the lives of the children of our country.

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