Like Sugar in Milk By Majlend Bramo: Pre-Order Now

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We are happy to inform our readers about a new book on Parsis, “Like Sugar in Milk” is now available for pre-order. The book by Majlend Bramo shall be launched around Jamshedi Navroze 2018.

WHAT: The story of a migration.

This is a story that many people might not know.

The story of the Parsis, a small community which follows one of the oldest religions on Earth – Zoroastrianism.This is the story of how they arrived on the west coast of India 1200 years ago, when their homeland, Persia, was invaded by the Arabs.

They arrived in India as refugees asking for asylum and promised to melt in the Indian society like sugar in milk. And so they did, making India their new home.

WHY: The story of a fight for survival.

This is also the story of a community trying to survive against its diminishing numbers. 1200 years on, the Parsi community runs a real risk of being lost forever. From having 110,000 members back in 1961, the number had dropped down to half, about 57,000, by 2011. The government of India has also taken unique measures to revitalize the community. But is the government’s efforts enough to preserve one of the world’s oldest cultures?

The Parsis will never disappear… or yes?

Like sugar that has melted in milk… The Parsis too can only be diluted or integrated into the society, not removed. There will always be some traces of them. But still, when you can’t taste the sugar anymore, how does one know that there was sugar that went in at some point?

This story exists to be told that day. To leave traces about this community, that once came all the way from Persia to India, and now is struggling to survive.

HOW: How will this story be told?

visual documentation of the Parsi community of Mumbai. A poetic representation of reality. The result of 4 years of research and contact with the Parsi Community (from 2014 to 2017).

More than 130 photos to tell a story that started 1200 years ago.


Details: 194 pages, hardcover, 170X240mm 300 copies for pre-sale


Pre-sale price: 1800 INR – 27 USD

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