Unique Baby Zarathushtra Art Print

littlezarathushtra_thumbI run a small illustration business, Crispy Doodles in California and we are getting ready to welcome spring with a wonderful new poster to celebrate Zarathushtras teachings!

I rarely if ever, come across a fun way to teach my 2 year old about our religion, I thought of creating this poster for her and for Zarathushti children around the world to learn and get engaged in understanding our faith. It’s a bright and happy print and will make a great addition to a kids room or living room.

It is up for sale on Etsy :

For deliveries in Mumbai, send SMS “NAVROZE17” to 8779452227

I would really appreciate if you could share this with Zoroastrians organisations or individuals who would be interested in buying this print for their children or for gifting.

You can also contact me directly at

Thank you,

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