yazd-desai-bppWe were shocked to read the paid advertisement of the WAPIZ PAGE in the Free Press Journal of 17-2-2017 where Yazdi Desai, Chairman of WAPIZ has blamed one man for everything that has possibly gone wrong with the BPP.

I think it is about time that Yazdi Desai stop his whingeing and instead man up. Instead of the constant fighting and bickering, Yazdi Desai needs to now put some effort into the affairs of the BPP. His obsession and his nightmare, Dinshaw Mehta has retired close to 18 months ago and yet we continue to hear the broken tape of Yazdi Desai blaming Dinshaw Mehta for absolutely everything, even though Yazdi Desai was ruling the roost and running the BPP with his majority Trustees since September 2013 and Dinshaw Mehta as Chairman was reduced to a non-entity. It is this kind of pettiness that has allowed complacency to creep into our community thereby destroying its very ethos.

The illogical rant of Yazdi Desai is proof of his failure as Trustee and as an individual.

Just so that we are clear on certain facts:

  • When Yazdi Desai was appointed as a Trustee in 2008, he openly proclaimed to the world that Dinshaw Mehta was the best Chairman the community had ever seen.
  • His admiration for Dinshaw Mehta continued from 2008 to 2011. During this period Yazdi Desai’s knowledge of any of the happenings of the BPP was abysmal. In fact it was discovered that he attended merely 30% of the BPP Board Meetings during this term. Since Yazdi Desai was perpetually unavailable he used to send his wife Anahita Desai to all places as his proxy representative. (point to be noted: Anahita Desai continues to remain his proxy representative even today attending to all Court cases filed even by Khojeste Mistry).
  • In 2011, after Noshir Dadrewala resigned, Yazdi Desai wanted to prop up his beloved wife Anahita Desai as a BPP Trustee to which other Trustees including Dinshaw Mehta opposed. What we witnessed was Mr. Muncherji Cama defeat Anahita Desai and became Trustee of the BPP. Anahita Desai’s loss was too hard for the Desai family and that brought to an end the Mehta – WAPIZ alliance.
  • From 2013 onwards, Yazdi Desai was in majority on the board of Trustees (Yazdi, Arnavaz, Jimmy and Khojeste) and Dinshaw Mehta was on the minority (Dinshaw, Muncherji and Armaity).
  • In the paid advertisement of the WAPIZ PAGE in the Free Press Journal the same Yazdi Desai who praised Dinshaw Mehta as the best Chairman till 2011 and the Yazdi Desai who was in majority control of the affairs of the BPP from 2013 till 2015 blames Dinshaw Mehta for what has gone wrong. It is inconceivable to understand how one man who was in a minority from 2013 to 2015 can be blamed for lapses of the majority.
  • Any person with common sense will see what a whitewash of lies are being spread by Yazdi Desai in the WAPIZ Page. It seems in order to hide his own incompetency, Yazdi Desai has to blame someone and in this case it is Dinshaw Mehta. (point to be noted: in the past for his own failure Yazdi Desai has also blamed Noshir Dadrewala, Kersi Randeria, Zarir Bhathena etc etc)
  • In 2016, Yazdi Desai was re-elected as Trustee and became Chairman of the BPP due to Seniority. As of today Yazdi is in majority in the Board of Trustees. Enemies make strange bed fellows. Just a few years ago the same Yazdi Desai who blamed Kersi Randeria, Noshir Dadrewala and Zarir Bhathena for every wrong doing in the community has joined hands with them and now decided that it is Dinshaw Mehta who is to be blamed for everything wrong with the community. The majority trustees who have complete control of the BPP (Yazdi, Kersi, Noshir and Zarir) have been in complete control for close to 18 months whilst Armaity and Viraf consist of the minority. The community had hope and promise from this new board. The new board took the reigns of the BPP with a promise to shrug off the old reputation of compulsive litigating, in-fighting and promised to ease the burden on the beneficiaries by cost cutting charges.

Let us take a rough assessment of how this Board has performed (point to be noted: Dinshaw Mehta has retired in October 2015 and is in no way connected with the BPP):

  • Lakhs of Trust funds have been spent on legal fees (BPP only uses the best of firms and the best of counsel. Why not! The Trustees are not paying the bills, the beneficiaries are!)
  • Increase in number of cases filed by the Trustees due to hatred towards beneficiaries who do not support them
  • Arbitrary and nonsensical increase in service charges from Rs. 150 per month to Rs. 950 per month
  • Threats of not issuing the rent receipts if increased service charges are not paid
  • High handedness against minority trustees by refusing to give them any documents whatsoever forcing them to move the Bombay High Court and obtain reliefs
  • Using the funds of the BPP to pay legal fees for personal cases
  • Ban on all transfer of tenancy rights
  • Permitting the Dongerwadi to be used as tourist site
  • Allotting large flats at Cusrow Baug for free to rich doctors who already own 2 flats
  • Allotting flats to individuals who do not fall under the Merit Rating Scheme and without taking any kind of deposit from them since they are ‘known people’.

It is about time Yazdi Desai steps out of his fairy tale world where he thinks the community will believe his lies that he can continue to blame others for his faults. A mans actions speak for themselves and Yazdi Desai’s actions show us all that Yazdi Desai is not a man of his word and more he is not a man and till date has been a true disappointment as a Trustee and Chairman.

We await a detailed reply from Dinshaw Mehta to the rubbish printed in the paid advertisement by Yazdi Desai.

Published on Bombay Samachar