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The chic Parsi bistro SodaBottleOpenerWala is celebrating its third anniversary and to make it more grandeur the Bombay Irani Café is hosting ‘Parsi Lagan nu Bhonu’ in its all outlets across the country. The food promotion is on until February 25. Food in weddings is one thing that pulls many people to attend marriages.

We tend to fill our thali (platter) with a little of everything at weddings. ‘Lagan’ is a wedding and ‘Bhonu’ is food in Parsi. Good food, music and dance are the key ingredients of celebrating wedding the Parsi way. The community takes much pride in their wedding feasts, which are an experience of a lifetime.

Traditionally served on a banana leaf, the sit-down feast unfolds course-wise and mostly offers non-vegetarian fare. At SodaBottleOpenerWala too the wedding menu is served on a banana leaf kept on a large plate and includes vegetarian options as well. Preparations made using eggs, chicken and mutton are on the menu along with Parsi good luck symbols – fish and rice.

“We have two platters – one is vegetable and other is the non-vegetarian variant. We are serving the same dishes across all our outlets,” Chef Saroj Das shares. The Parsi food is not that spicy and is more on a sweeter side. However, the chef says that the dishes are tweaked on demand. Kickstart the vegetarian bhonu with Pallonji Soda in Raspberry flavour, and follow it with lip smacking Vengna nu achar or eggplant pickle that will tickle your taste buds. Yet another traditional offering Lagan nu achar will set the tone for the day.

Kachumbar or Parsi style mixed salad dressed with cane vinegar along with crispy Saria Papad make for perfect sides! ‘Papeta Anjeer na Cutlis’ is a typical Parsi style culet made using an unusual and delicious combination of potatoes and figs with a touch of Parsi masalas. For mains enjoy ‘Kora Papri no Patio’, a sweet and tangy preparation of pumpkin and broad beans and ‘Badami Papeta ne Paneer, where potato meets paneer in a rich almond gravy.

Savour Parsi style rotis called Rotli with ‘Masala ni Daar’, which is a combination of three dals and veggies like brinjal, potato, pumpkin, mint leaves, ginger and garlic made into a fine paste and added in the dal. Follow it up with Vegetable Pulao or flavoured Basmati rice with ghee, and aromatic vegetables.

The non-vegetarian Bhonu has the same sides served with ‘Chutney Eeda na Pattice’ or stuffed egg in a potato mixture with coconut based chutney patties, ‘Macchi no Cutlet’, a coriander spiced cutlet of minced rawa fish with garlic. For mains enjoy the ‘Gos no Sas’, a lamb soup, which is typical of a few Parsi homes. It has mutton simmered in mild white gravy.

Enjoy the ‘Masala ni Daar’ with rotlis and Chicken Pulao to complete the meal. Finish the wedding food affair with desserts like ‘Lagan nu Custer’, which is a custard made with strawberry and a very special plum cake with brandy sauce.

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