Parsis plan housing complex to boost ties within community

57119499AHMEDABAD: In another attempt to boost the city’s dwindling Parsi population, the community plans to build a residential complex near the Parsi Sanatorium. To encourage community living, homes of various types shall be built near the Parsi Sanatorium so community members can stay close to each other and enable their children to bond and socialize with each other, which is otherwise hardly possible.

According to data provided by community members, there currently are less than 1,400 Parsis in Ahmedabad. This is much fewer than a few years ago, when the city was home some 2,500 to 2,700 Parsis. The main reason for such a fast decline in the population is a faster death-rate and slower birth-rate in the community. Extrapolating this further, Brigadier (retired) Jahangir Anklesaria, president, Parsi Panchayat – Ahmedabad, said, “Our kids don’t currently meet or socialize because of the small number of Parsi families in Ahmedabad now live scattered, in different areas. Constructing the residential complex will harbour community living and bridge the gap between community members.”

The plan for the residential complex is ready and the community plans to build three blocks with three types of apartments — one bedroom-hall-kitchen (1BHK), 2BHK, and 3BHK — where some 100 families can live. “These homes will not be sold but rented out to community members. This way, even elderly members of our community will be supported,” said Brigadier Anklesaria.

This way, if the children in the community socialize and bond with one another, which they hardly do as of now; they may find potential life partners in one another and help the community grow. The plan for residential space is ready and as soon as they get the possession of the land, construction will begin, he added.

Community members plan to build the residential complex on a plot of land near Parsi Sanatorium, located near the riverfront. “We sent the request for the plot to Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. Recently, we even met the chief minister with regards to this and he appeared to be positive. This is the same land where we plan to build the Parsi Agyari,” said Brigadier Anklesaria, adding that Parsis hope the government and civic authorities support the community’s initiative.

Published on Times of India