Parsis knock on CM’s doors to get land for agiary

57073008AHMEDABAD: After getting no concrete response from the AMC regarding allocation of land near Parsi Sanatorium, trustees of Parsi Panchayat in Ahmedabad knocked on the chief minister’s doors. At a meeting earlier this week, five trustees of the Parsi Panchayat led by president, Brigadier (retired) Jahangir Anklesaria along with Udvada’s Vada Dasturji Khurshed Dastoor, sought the land for building a new agiary (fire temple) near the Parsi Sanatorium which is located close to the Sabarmati riverfront.

At present, the 132-year-old Vakil Adariyan Agiary is located at the Bukhara Mohalla near Khamasa Crossroads in the Walled City. “Over the years, most Parsis in the city have relocated to western parts of Ahmedabad. The old location is now inconvenient for people to visit the agiary regularly,” said Brigadier Anklesaria.
“Most people like to go to places of worship with family but getting there is cumbersome due to the increase in vehicular traffic on a Sunday,” he said.
Earlier some 200 people visited the agiary and there would be community gatherings. However, this isn’t the case now. The number has fallen to a mere 10-15 people at the agiary even on weekends, added Anklesaria.
“The chief minister considered our request positively and we are hopeful that we will get the land soon. We are ready to pay for it within our limits,” said Brigadier Anklesaria.

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