Iran Tour Reveals Modern Face of Ancient Land

MIR Corporation offers the new 12-day “Iran Unveiled” tour, which visits Tehran, Shiraz, Yazd and Isfahan. Tour members browse the bazaars, connect with locals, admire the Crown Jewels, discover six UNESCO World Heritage Sites, visit the Zoroastrian Fire Temple of Yazd, observe the luminous bridges of Isfahan, tour the 6th century BC ruins of Pasargadae and walk Imam Square. The first tours of 2017 are slated for April 9-20 and May 7-18 and start at $5,595 per person.

“Iran has everything serious cultural travelers search for in a destination,” said MIR Corporation Vice President Annie Lucas. “Extraordinary archaeological and architectural sites introduced by incredibly well-educated and sophisticated Iranian guides, combined with eclectic bazaars and an incredibly hospitable culture.”

Days 1-4: Tehran
Tehran is a metropolis of more than eight million people, boasting fashionable boutiques, restaurants, teahouses and museums. Sample the city’s best, including the Museum of Glass and Ceramics, Carpet Museum and Crown Jewels. Drive through the affluent neighborhoods of northern Tehran, where luxurious shops, residences and embassies take advantage of cool mountain breezes.

Days 5-6: Shiraz, day trip to Persepolis
Fly to Shiraz and enjoy the peaceful fountains and flowers of the UNESCO-listed Eram Garden. Browse the 11th century Vakil Bazaar, and visit with local people as they stroll and relax at the tomb of Iran’s favorite poet, Hafez. Spend the following day in one of the most important sites of the ancient world, monumental Persepolis.

Days 7-8: Pasargadae, Yazd
Drive to the magnificent city of Yazd, while stopping to explore the UNESCO-listed ruins of 6th century BC Pasargadae. Note the tall badgirs, or wind catchers of Yazd, ingenious Persian structures that vent and cool the buildings. Visit the Fire Temple and Towers of Silence and learn about the city’s Zoroastrian heritage.
Days 9-12: Maybod, Naein, Isfahan

On the road to Isfahan, stop in Maybod, with its 2,000-year-old mud brick castle; and in the little town of Naein, where traditional weavers are renowned for their mantles and rugs. Explore celebrated Isfahan, with its graceful UNESCO-listed Imam Square. Stroll the 17th century Quaisarieh Bazaar, its narrow lanes lined with brass and copperware craftsmen, jewelers, miniature painters and rug merchants.

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