Batlivala, Khanabhoy comes to Coimbatore

The City-based V M Hospitality, a brand behind speciality restaurants, today announced the launch of its Batlivala and Khanabhoy (B and K) a Parsi Restaurant and Cafe, the second in Tamil Nadu.

Based on success of the first B and K restaurant in Chennai a year ago, which has been recognised by the Rocheston Institute New York, the company decided to provide Non-Parsi population of Coimbatore the taste Parsi culture and traditional food, V M Hospitality CEO, Uday Balaji told reporters here.

On choosing the city, Uday said that Coimbatore is a market that has an increasing number of avid food enthusiasts, but has a limited number of speciality cuisine restaurants and the gap will be filled by this restaurant from January 14, he said.

B and K menu will feature over 70 dishes that will showcase the culinary diversity of the Parsi community in India and much case has gine into curating the mendu of this amazingly complex and culturally significant cuisine, he said.

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