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Help Support Zephyr To Reach The Goal Of Making His First Music Video
I graduated arts school in 2013 after leaving “the safe path”. My dream is to put out a lot of music about real life, to make the world a better & happier place. Yes, music can move us to tears, but visuals REALLY bring a message home, as after all, together, they target 2 human senses concurrently, not 1. Many people globally have no access to services and apps like iTunes/Spotify, thus YouTube/video is the way to go to reach them and touch them… and good videos ain’t cheap! I need your help!

Short Summary
I’m Zephyr Khambatta and I make music for a living.

I have spent the last three years working with countless amateur, semi-professional, and professional musicians, learning about what it takes to produce original music commercially. Before that, I did a 4 year long music degree.

I want to make as much music as I can in my lifetime that talks about life and helps people with their own lives, be it for a moment of dancing happiness, a week of mourning a lost one, or joy/sympathy forever on their travel playlists in their collections.

Donating to my music video(s) will help to crystallise the message I send with each song, and more importantly, reach the under-privileged, or not very well educated people in both developing and under developed countries as a YouTube link can be quite easily pulled up by anyone. Services and apps like Spotify, iTunes etc? Not so much. Even my own maid is a YouTube pro!!! 🙂 My aim is to reach everyone, regardless of their social standing or income or knowledge of electronics, and after a large amount of research I think YouTube would be the way (for now at least, till the next big video platform comes along).

What We Need & What You Get
I have saved up (and am still saving) almost every dollar I earn except for meals and travel, and still don’t have enough to make a great video by a great team I have picked in LA, USA.

Every dollar helps, but if you donate upwards of 250, I’ll put your name or your company name at the start of the video (we can discuss that)!

If the dollar amount is not reached, I will continue to add to it with my own savings of course, as I get more jobs in acting, advertisements, and of course MUSIC! I will not be compromising the quality of the video so the video will get made, only once the amount is reached.

The Impact
I truly believe that music can and will make the world a better place and has already been doing so. Not to mention dance, and all the other performing and visual arts. Congratulations and thank you to everyone who uses arts to impact the world in a positive way!

My portfolio is available upon request, to let you know of my pursuits in the music world.

In the pipeline is a vision for an inspirational entity, which will help people in various ways across the globe. What will accelerate that, is my music getting known. And for that, we arrive back at the same place. Videos.

Risks & Challenges
The income in this industry is not guaranteed. You might be shocked to hear what some musicians make in a month.

My plan to turn this around, at least in Singapore, involves setting up a brilliantly run record label, in due course, Reunion X Records.

Other Ways You Can Help
If you really cannot afford a single dollar at this point, that’s fine, I understand and I would ask you to help by just sharing the campaign! That would help a lot. Alternatively, you could just share my music. Add it to your Spotify, Tidal and other streaming services’ playlists and paste the YouTube links around, after you watch videos.

If 2000 people donate just one dollar each, we’ll be there in no time. A dollar isn’t a lot. Really.

And that’s all there is to it 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Help Support Zephyr To Reach The Goal Of Making His First Music Video

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