ZYNG Press Release 2016


 ‘We will continue ZYNG’ing’

For 7 years ZYNG has served society and our community, working tirelessly for the positive growth of our community youth. We are now the largest youth body of our community anywhere in the world, encompassing more than four thousand youth between the ages of 15 – 40. Despite what some say we are an apolitical body and we at team ZYNG feel that it was not just our duty but our privilege and pleasure to work as a binding force for our community youth. We as committee members also had the good fortune of growing as independent individuals in thought and spirit as well as, as a team. Over the years we have had over a hundred events ranging from professional and personal development for the youth, to Social service, to getting couples together, to sports activities, etc, to name a few. A tremendous number of man hours, effort and personal sacrifices have been put in to achieve what we believe is a tremendous platform for the youth to intermingle. Each committee member of ZYNG has been striving hard to create this brand keeping aside their personal opinions and working to their full capacities. These core committee members past and present have taken time out from the personal and professional lives to give back to the community in their own unique way. Our belief of serving a cause greater then ourselves was one of the common goals we shared as ZYNG core committee members.
The ZYNG Team is dedicated to raising awareness, encouraging participation and getting YOU involved with your community through our events. We have conducted over a hundred events in the past, to name a few:
Events to bring the youth together to intermingle: –
– Anniversary Celebrations (6 years with over 2500 footfalls each year)
– Dance Workshops (3 events) – Shiamak Davar & ZUMBA
– Karaoke Nights (3 events)
– IPL Match Screenings
– All India Youth meets (2 events) – 850 participants
– Monsoon Treks (3 events)
– White Water Rafting (4 events)
– Being Cupid – Matching couples though our online portal.
– Rain Dance (4 events)
– Treasure Hunt (6 events)
– Paint-Ball (4 events)
– Special Screening of Movies (4 events)
– Speed Dating (5 events)
– NavroZyng (4 events) – Celebrating our New Year
– Telegames (2 events)
– Outings to Theme Parks
– Online Matrimony service
– Agiary Visits

Our Fundraisers
– Dance Bawa Dance – All India Dance competition
– ZYNG Calendar (7 calendars)

Social Service
– Donating sumptuous lunch made by Queen of Parsee Caterers Tanaz Godiwalla to over 400 less fortunate through the help of sponsorships. (6 years)
– Over 40 free stalls to Zoroastrian Entrepreneurs to sell their wares at our Anniversary Event (6 years)
– Recycling Go green drive – An initiative to raise funds to feed the less fortunate.
– Blood Bank
– Senior Citizen Home Visits – To create awareness among the youth about the pleasure of giving back to the aged in our community.
– Navsari Orphanage Visits – Donation Drive (3 events)
– Dance therapy for Senior Citizens (2 events)
– Special Stars (4 events) – An event for the differently abled children to enjoy the day of activities, song and dance.
– Food Collection and Donation Drive (over 10 events) – Collection &Distribution of Food grains and essential house hold items for the less fortunate in our community in Mumbai, Pune, Surat, Navsari & Udwada.
– E-waste collection Drive – Proceeds of which went to feed the less fortunate.
– JJ Hospital Ward visit – Spending an even entertaining the patients
– Senior Citizens Evening with Mickey Mehta (2 events) – Guiding and counseling the aged to lead a happy and healthy future.
– Evening with Ava Bai Petit Children (3 events) – Interacting with the children for a fun filled day and giving them gifts to enjoy.

Helping the youth to improve their personal skills.
– Dram-e Bawaz – a platform for young budding actors.
– Job Searches – Success rate of over 100 jobs.
– Grooming Workshops (3 events)
– Theatre Workshops – A platform for the youth to Learn acting from the Best.
– Events with WZCC (5 events)
When we heard that, “BPP Cuts it’s Cord with ZYNG”, the entire ZYNG committee felt that it would have been pruden for the Trustees to have called for another meeting to discuss any misunderstanding or issues that troubled them, before taking such a drastic decision. We were also surprised to read that a statement was made that ZYNG has spent 1 crore of the BPP’s charity funds for its activities. We feel that this is not an accurate representation, as ZYNG has raised funds for conducting its events over the years; also not all events of ZYNG are free. We have always consciously ensured that we don’t utilize the annual 10 Lakh budget that was allotted to us.

We hope that the elected trustees of the BPP realize that the same, over 50 Individuals who have been and are currently part of the ZYNG core committee of their own accord come forth to serve this community. Respect being a two way street, we will strive to honor our message of peace, togetherness and harmony, which is the need of the hour in this small  community of ours.
We look forward to ZYNG’ing along with you into the bright future the youth has to offer.

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