There’s A New Parsi Joint In Navi Mumbai And We Are Already Huge Fans

Parsi Cuisine For Navi Mumbai, Finally…

An ode to the Parsi cafes of Sobo with Zazie’s high ceilings and the old and rustic lights – it’s a cafe started off by couple Pallonji and Supreet, and it’s providing much-needed Parsi cuisine to the residents of Navi Mumbai.

It has a familar Parsi cafe vibe to it with its high rising ceilings, antique art pieces stowed in and on every corner and wall, and of course, an old grandfather clock hanging in the background.

Chow Down
22112016_Zazie2No Parsi cuisine is complete without its meaty dishes, especially the famous minced keema. We recommend trying out their mutton keema samosa – it’s spicy and fried really well. Also go for the the edu Chutney nu pattice – which is basically boiled eggs covered in mashed potato layer. Last up, Delshad’s crede butter – with mashed potatoes, crede butter, herbs and loads of cottage cheese is a must-have.

However, our favourite was the chicken a la Kieve, a crispy chicken cutlet shaped like a duck sat on a bed of herbed fried rice. It’s served along with fries and grilled veggies – and we absolutely devoured it.

Sip On
The good old Raspberry and ice cream soda is what we went for – it kept us hydrated and cleaned our palate in-between courses.

Zazie Bistro & Grill, though has a very non-Parsi name is super chic, Parsi and serves lick-smacking food. It’s a great addition to Navi Mumbai – they too needed some Bawa loving.

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