A Mumbai Parsi set the ball rolling with his donation that started a campaign resulting in Rs 450,000 for Pakistani Girl’s Treatment

Residents of Mumbai have raised Rs450,000 for the treatment of a Pakistani teenage girl suffering from Wilson’s Disease.


Nazia Tarikh Ahmed travelled to Mumbai from Karachi with only R80,000 to treat her 15-year-old daughter Saba.

Following a report by Indian newspaper Mid Day, residents of Mumbai raised money for Saba’s treatment at Jaslok Hospital.

“Soon after the article was published, total strangers approached the hospital with donations,” Dr Abbha Nagral, Liver Specialist and Senior Gastroenterologist at Jaslok Hospital, who is treating Saba, said.

“We managed to raise R450,000 which enabled us to sustain the medical expense of her treatment,” he added.

Nagral further said Saba is responding well to medication.

“Though she has her frequent ups and downs, there is an overall improvement in her health,” her mother said.

“However, she still has a long way to go and will require lifelong medication,” Nazia said.

Nazia is raising her three children as a single mother after her husband remarried and left them.

“The donors in Mumbai are angels who extended help in our hour of need. Saba was in total depression when we came here, but has become a happier person, in spite of being bedridden. She was very happy to seek blessings at Haji Ali Dargah,” the mother of three said.

According to Shabia Walia, a social worker from the Bluebells Community, a donor, Kersi Dubash, was the first to donate money to the hospital.

“I have a textile business in Pakistan and visit the country often. I am just returning the love and affection I get there,” he said.

This article originally appeared on Mid Day

Published on The Express Tribune

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