What, Paris is taught in lieu of Parsi!

Yesterday was teacher’s Day. The type of education teachers are imparting is peculiar. The subject teacher while checking the copy does not bother to check exact spelling of the word. Their attention seems to have deviated from the main responsibility. They fail to grasp the parents’ agony when they find of their wards an average student despite educating them at highly suggested schools. When the teacher’s day comes they get ready to celebrate the occasion. The teachers even ask for an extra amount of money from every student for this purpose. The senior students are called to observe them taking gifts and tasty snacks. In this arrangement, their attention does not go on students’ better learning method.

Persuading her son to study attentively for ensuing terminal examinations a mother instructed him to be a voracious learner. But he was not showing utmost interest in the study. She asked him to cram those chapters that would be asked in the exams. The son started learning answers from the school copy checked by the subject teacher. “What is called the festival of Paris?” asked the mother. The son replied that it is Nauroz meaning a new day.

The moot question is how teacher failed to notice the incorrect sentence. Had she been corrected it the student would not have crammed the wrong word. Listening to their conversation her husband interrupted by saying, it was not Paris but Parsi. Upon this, the mother asked her son to learn the right word with accurate pronunciation. Being a graduate of Kanpur University the mother appeared not so familiar with the correct word. It is the distinction between the present-day learning and the yesteryear schooling. None tries to understand this dissimilarity.

The quality of education has gone to lower level. It is obvious from this fact that every student attends the coaching classes after the school. Some say that they do not understand what the teacher explains in the class while several others assert that it is our fear from the teacher that checks us to clear the doubt. But why are they so nervous in the class? The teachers are devoted for elucidating the difficult points. The parents are of the view if their wards are valiant enough to raise queries in regard to their respective doubts, extra expenses on tutorial classes will not disturb them.

The very purpose of schooling becomes futile in such a condition. Teachers at the primary level apply a different way of teaching. They often make students read the lessons without explaining the meaning of the text.

Whatever they clarify in the class is not understood by the whole students. Resultantly the students begin to follow an easier recourse and in this effort, they begin to cram the answers. It is due to this reason their weakness in mathematics surfaces as they do not try to fathom the trick to solve problems. This practice stretches till later stages of schooling.

What requires to bring improvement is that the teachers must be trained to support and help the weakest learners in the class. They should make every possible effort to clear the unfathomable topics or problems in an elusive style.

They should be more loyal to their noble profession. The best teachers should be recruited in order to remove inequalities in learning. Their attitude has changed drastically with the progress of time. They count periods which they have to attend and the time of teaching but forget their quality of education they are supposed to be imparting to the students at different classes.

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