Of orchids and all things Parsi

2Two unique exhibitions, one celebrating Parsi New Year and the other on orchids, are on view at Ambara

Several varieties of orchid fill the garden in Ambara, and beautiful Parsi embroidered bags and saris adorn the store. Ambara is celebrating two festivals: the air of golden jubilee celebrations of Indo American Hybrid Seeds and Pateti- the Parsi new year. As part of its celebrations, Ambara is hosting an exhibition of orchid collection by the Indo American Hybrid Seeds and Parsi embroidery by Woven Splendour from Pune.

Speaking about the beauty of Parsi embroidery, Kavita Cooper, founder of Woven Splendour, has designed trendy, yet traditional bags, saris, clutches, stoles, etc. Each product is culturally rich as well as fashionable, and perfect for every occasion. Kavita says the aim of the exhibition “is to promote Parsi heritage and bring something different and unique to the customer,” adding: “Ambara is an ideal place for the exhibition”.

The attractive orchid exhibition in the garden is filled with flower plants like phalaenopsis, dendrobium, bromeliad and cactus flower, to name a few.

These were not just any orchid,but a rare variety of colour of orchids. Most of them require less water usage. They only need a spray water. “It’s the beginning of the season and the best way to assist and promote orchids by setting this exhibition,” says Rashmi Attavar, joint managing director of Indo-American Hybrid Seeds. Apart from these two exhibitions, there is Cafe Cerrise at Ambara which is promoting the Parsi New Year. Since Cafe Cerrise is not a Parsi restaurant, they will offer a menu from ‘little dinette’, a Parsi restuarant in Ulsoor. The menu offers select Parsi dishes such as in main course ;vegetarian dhansak, mutton dhansak, sali murgi (chicken) and in starters pea and chutney pattice, patra ni machi, chicken farcha, prawn kebabs and in desserts, lagan nu custard. The event is on till August 20 at Ambara, 22, Annaswamy Mudaliar Road, Ulsoor. Call 25575196 for details.

Published on TheHindu