13 Facts You Should Know About ‘Rustom’ Ahead Of Its Release


1. ‘Rustom’ is based on the true story of Indian Navy commander Kamas Maneckshaw Nanavati involving an extra-marital affair of his wife that resulted in a murder

2.    Movie is directional debut of Tinu Suresh Desai while ‘Baby’ director Neeraj Pandey is the producer

3.    Kawas Manekshaw Nanavati aka K. M. Nanavati was accused for the murder of his wife’s lover Prem Ahuja

4.    Nanavati’s wife Sylvia was an English born woman. The couple had two sons and a daughter

5.    Nanavati who had a lots of assignments and had to stay away from family due to hi job, Sylvia fell in love with Nanavati’s friend Prem Ahuja

6.    Sylvia wanted to marry Prem and leave Nanavati, but Prem Ahuja had no intention to settle down with her and accept Sylvia’s three kids

7.    Nanavati returned home from one of his assignments and finding Sylvia aloof and distant, he asks why she is upset. Sylvia confessed about the affair to Prem

8.    Nanavati then goes to confront Prem and he kills him with three shots after Prem denies to accept her wife

9.    Nanavati case gained massive uproar in the media with a series of trials and testimonials. This case led to a battle between the Parsi and the Sindhi communities in Mumbai

10.    Nanavati was extensively supported by R.K Karanjia, a Parsi himself and the owner of an influential tabliod at the time Blitz (which is now known as Cine Blitz) which showed Nanavati as a wronged husband and upright officer

11.    Nanavati was declared not guilty, and, afterwhich he was said to have moved with his family to Canada

12.    Blitz made public curious and the case caught the public imagination in such a way that 25p copy was sold for Rs 2 a piece

13. Akshay will play Naval officer’s role for the first time in his career

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