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Chairman : RASNA GROUP


Date : 27th July 2016

Areez Khambatta’s Response to Noshir Dadrawala

BPP Trustee Noshir Dadrawala recently sent out an “Open Letter to the Editor of Jam-e-Jamshed”, wherein an entire paragraph was devoted by Noshir to attack me needlessly with baseless comments.
Noshir did not even have the basic courtesy to send me a copy of that email, which was later sent to me by some others. Please also furnish me with a list of names of those who are not mentioned in the above C.C.

Shrimanji Noshir Dadrawala,
I have written this response as it would be unfortunate if your misguided statements are left unchallenged, leaving you with the mistaken impression that what you have written/alleged is correct.

Therefore, instead of writing “Areez Khambatta is now Jame’s new hero…” I find that you are trying to project yourself as “BPP’s new HERO”, which is an opportunity which I know you would never miss.

With your writing skills and experience you have twisted the facts, as it was you and Cooverji Mehta your “Social Voluntary Group” partner who had advised me to start a new newspaper and, therefore, in that context and purely in jest I had offered you its Editorship – I had no serious intent of starting a paper nor appointing you its Editor.

As regards your comments that I made about Jame in those days, yes, I had said that under the previous Editor Jame was losing its credibility as he was tarnishing Jame’s image by printing nonsense as per dictert of his Ghost Editor. My comments had nothing to do with Jame in its current form under its present Editor so please don’t try and misquote me.

Similarly, you wanted me to start Garib Kalyan Melas, which I brushed aside as WAPIZ was formed whose main purpose and objective was to protect and preserve our Glorious Religion and its Religious Traditions, the community’s unique Religious Identity and our community’s properties and religious institutions, including to preserve Dokhmenishini. You very well know that I had long back “cremated” the Cosmopolitan World Body at Ahmedabad during the Federation meeting – much before your Worli crematorium was started by some of your colleagues!

Yes, you were in my bad books for the way in which you contested the BPP Trusteeship election in 2008 with the “Convertists” — who also called themselves the ‘Magnificent Seven’ Panel last time to become a Trustee so that without spending a penny as per your habit being rightly called a “MAFATLAL” and I suppose even this time you must have done so. My blood boiled when I was told that during the inauguration function of the ‘Magnificent Seven’, Dadrawala not only sat like a coward on the stage but also smiled and clapped instead of strongly objecting/staging a walk out when someone mentioned that they do not even wear a Sudreh and Kusti.

This silence on your part clearly proves how although being an Orthodox Scholar Dadrawala will not fight for our Religion which has created a doubt whether you are a genuine Scholar or here also “Banavati” because earlier you were famous for being called by your Orthodox group as A RELIGIOUS BIGOT and that “DADRAWALA IS LIKE A PENDULUM, HE SWINGS WHEREVER IT SUITS HIM”.

It is really sad that even ERVADS and ORTHODOX HUMDINS who claim to be leaders and elders giving religious discourses have SMOTHERED their conscience and LOST their COURAGE to speak a word against these Convertists of FDU, WZO etc. but on the contrary encourage and work for them because of “their charities” as admitted by some of them. It is shocking but unfortunately it’s a True Fact. Please note that the Charities which these Charitable Charlies do, is NOT from their own money but from other people’s money and big Bombay Trusts; “PARKE PAISE DIWALI”. Because of money even the biased and bought over Parsi Press gives wrong publicity to Conversion, Mixed Marriages and Adoption etc. with front page photographs like the Navjotes of 2 grown-up sikh girls.

You had also informed me that you are no longer active in Parsi politics. If that was really so, I fail to understand as to what prompted you to again stand for BPP Trusteeship as you wanted to avoid stress. You had also further stated that you have distanced yourself from all community controversies, as you find them distasteful and distressing.

Before I end, I would like to inform you to please go through our past correspondence, so as to enable you to realise your past blunders and with a request to please make it a point to send me any of your emails pertaining to me or referring to me, with some basic courtesy which, at the very least, I do expect of you.

Areez Khambatta

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